i will forever be moving things around. which drives me crazy, but oh well.

i need you’re advice. six photos? or nine photos? and i apologize for the horrible pictures. they are from my phone. there are currently six photos. i used paint to create nine.


Inspired By Charm



Inspired By Charm


let me know! thanks!


this is also important. i should have mentioned that i would like to put some floating shelves above the green cabinet for display/storage. that may change your opinion… (and please pay no attention to what’s on the shelves.. haha.. just random shapes from paint.)

Inspired By Charm


or maybe you liked it better they way i had it before?


Inspired By Charm


or before that?


Inspired By Charm


i’m crazy. i know this. i’m an over thinker.

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  • slip4 at

    I think nine looks more complete…

  • kim at

    i like 9 better!

  • Nina... at

    I like six. Nine takes away from the rest of the room, six keeps things balanced, just sayin’.

  • linwood avenue at

    9 definitely! it gives the appearance that there are fewer small items in the room.

  • Gabriela at

    Only six please. Nine tends to clutter and overpower the wall to the right of the doorway. Nine makes that entire wall lopsided and left heavy. Nine borders on the claustrophobic. Have I convinced you yet? Six – Just six.

  • Melissa P at

    My vote is for nine. It draws the eye up further, giving more attention to the height of the room.

  • Val Reaves at

    I like the nine. Especially with the plans for the other side of the door…it’s that odd number thing…somehow it just looks better with nine.

  • lottie at

    A 9 vote here! 🙂


  • webmailaddress2 at

    I like the 6. With the 9, I feel like the bottom row isn’t really eye level enough to be noticeable. Love the blog!

  • Kar at

    Six. Nine makes the wall look too cluttered. Even with the idea of shelves on the other wall. 6.

  • Lanie at

    Nine! But I think if you go with nine you will need something on the other wall (like your floating shelves) to balance it out

  • Jen@Notes From the Heartland at

    I have to vote for six. I’m agreeing with the balance issue the other gals mentioned. The six seem to balance better with the wall on the other side of the door. I’m a big fan of the nine repetition…but not in this case. Beautiful dining room Michael!!

  • Posy Linda at

    6 is my vote. You get to see more of the wall space with 6 and I believe it makes the area look more spacious. It’s a lovely room either way.

  • Rachel's Cottage House at

    I say 9 because it would make a perfect square. I think from a distance then it looks like one giant photo. It looks artistic. There’s just something about it that I think I’ll go with 9… but it’s such a tough decision!!!

    Rachel’s Cottage House

  • Mary Ellen at

    stick with just 6.
    looks too jumbled , and busy with 9. not your usual simple yet perfect style.

    just my opinion.

  • Stitchfork at

    definitely 9 pictures and the floating shelved on the other side!

  • Jennifer at

    6! 9 is too many things for one’s eye to decide what to settle on.

    I envision 6 being fine with the floating shelves. If you have that 3rd row of pictures along the bottom, they are too low for one’s eye to comfortably view. one’s eye should flow nicely around the room & if you have that bottom row, one almost has to “force” the eye to look down at them. even though interior decorating is about thinking outside of the box, some rules must still be followed. one of those rules is, pictures having a minimum height they need to be hung at.

    friendly reminder that all of this is MVHO. Ultimatel;y decorating is all about having fun & doing what feels right to you. You’ll just know(fee) when something is not “working”

    go with the floating shelves, keeping with the objects on them making simple statements.

    do you have another small section of wall where you could hang 3 framed photos in a vertical direction?

  • jek-a-go-go at

    i like the nine with the shelves on the other side over the table..keeps it balanced but not all matchy matchy. 🙂

  • Kim @ NewlyWoodwards at

    I like it with 9.

  • deb mills at

    i vote no for the floating shelves. there is already a lot going on in the room and many cool things to see. i think it would make the walls just a little too busy in an already beautiful room. but you have such great taste, you’ll know when it’s right. (really enjoy your blog)

  • courtneyoutloud at

    i say 9 – to me the wall feels full and complete with 9 pictures.

  • scargosun at

    9 if you add the shelves, 6 w/o shelves.

    Hi! Mrs. Adventure sent me. I am in SE PA. Nice to meet you!

  • Mrs. Adventure at

    Ok I see that you have sooo many mixed reactions to be honest 6 & 9 both look good. The only thing I would say is if you do the floating shelves I would bring them down further, I think having then up to the top of the door makes the room feel too busy and you seem like a “classic” style person.

  • marthawelch at

    The arrangement of 9 pictures feels too heavy to me. I vote for 6 without the floating shelf on the right. The eye needs somewhere to “rest”. Every empty space doesn’t need to be filled. I would suggest using a table runner rather than an all over cloth. I think it would help lighten up the space.

  • Anonymous at

    What paint and color did you use on the walls?

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