advice needed … six or nine?

i will forever be moving things around. which drives me crazy, but oh well.

i need you’re advice. six photos? or nine photos? and i apologize for the horrible pictures. they are from my phone. there are currently six photos. i used paint to create nine.

Inspired By Charm

Inspired By Charm

let me know! thanks!


this is also important. i should have mentioned that i would like to put some floating shelves above the green cabinet for display/storage. that may change your opinion… (and please pay no attention to what’s on the shelves.. haha.. just random shapes from paint.)

Inspired By Charm

or maybe you liked it better they way i had it before?

Inspired By Charm

or before that?

Inspired By Charm

i’m crazy. i know this. i’m an over thinker.

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  • Anonymous at

    What paint and color did you use on the walls?

  • marthawelch at

    The arrangement of 9 pictures feels too heavy to me. I vote for 6 without the floating shelf on the right. The eye needs somewhere to “rest”. Every empty space doesn’t need to be filled. I would suggest using a table runner rather than an all over cloth. I think it would help lighten up the space.

  • Mrs. Adventure at

    Ok I see that you have sooo many mixed reactions to be honest 6 & 9 both look good. The only thing I would say is if you do the floating shelves I would bring them down further, I think having then up to the top of the door makes the room feel too busy and you seem like a “classic” style person.

  • scargosun at

    9 if you add the shelves, 6 w/o shelves.

    Hi! Mrs. Adventure sent me. I am in SE PA. Nice to meet you!

  • courtneyoutloud at

    i say 9 – to me the wall feels full and complete with 9 pictures.

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