wow. i must say there are some really creative folks out there. typically i’m not a huge fan of valentine’s day but i’ve been inspired by all of the pink and red cheer others have been sharing.

first, garlands seem to be taking over the craft world. which, is not a bad thing-it’s hard not to be happy when there is garland around.

here is what i created from inspiration found here, here, here and here. (i could go on, but you get the idea)

anyway… most people crafted a similar garland use their sewing machine to attach the pieces. unfortunately, i don’t have a sewing machine and probably couldn’t figure out how to thread the thing, even though my mom has showed me several times.

so i used what i had…

first i printed a heart pattern i found online or from clip art in ms word (can’t remember). i found some colored paper for an amazing price, from an amazing ebay seller.

i have very little patience, so i was not about to trace my heart pattern on every piece of paper. i just stacked as many pieces of colored paper together as i could cut at once, set my heart pattern on top, and cut around it. (i cut out two of every heart color/pattern so i’d have a front and back)

i then used rubber cement (this is the best glue ever… never leaves those little wrinkles and bubbles like elmers glue… and if you get it somewhere you don’t want… it rubs right off!) and fishing line to create my garland. i did keep a good measure of the distance between my hearts (about two inches) for some consistency.

and voila! instant valentine’s cheer!

garlands not your thing? check out this, this and this. maybe they will help you get into the valentines spirit.


and these… yum… my mom made the most delicious sugar cookies for my open house last weekend. so simple, so delicious!

hate to say it, but i told you so… people are incredibly creative!

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  • rachelscottagehouse at

    Michael, what an incredible blog post! Your garland looks perfect! (love the printed paper) and the cookies look scrumptious!


  • jek-a-go-go at

    the garlands look fabulous and i completely always forget about good old rubber cement! you could also use spray adhesive…or glue stick but glue stick starts to unstick after a year or so. happy february!

  • Lisa at

    I just came across your blog and love it! The curtains you made with that vintage fabric are gorgeous. I’m loving garlands lately too although my valentine one looks a little preschool – but who cares – it’s fun! So nice to meet you.

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