i know i’ve mentioned i’m not a huge fan of online magazines, but this one may have changed my mind.

adore home is austrailia’s first online home and lifestyle magazine and it’s seriously full of beautiful interiors, ideas and accessories.

Inspired By Charm

i haven’t had a chance to look it over in it’s entirety, but i already have a couple ideas brewing. the only drawback is that everything is priced in the euro and probably only available across the sea, but i’d never turn down beautiful inspiration. right?

anyway, back on the home front, things are progressing in my room. but they are progressing quite slowly. i will most likely be extending my completion date of next friday (as some of you may have already guessed). but i’m okay with that. it takes the stress off a project that’s supposed to be fun.
the past couple days have been spent preping. all the wallpaper is gone thanks to jen’s amazing tip. seriously. amazing. she made my day.

yesterday and today i have been filling gaps. with a house that’s going on 100 years old, things tend to shift and move creating gaps between moldings and such. and unforuntatly this rooms has quite a few.

for example … this is what a section of the base modling used to look like.

Inspired By Charm


and this is what it looks like after a little spackle. much better! right?

Inspired By Charm


want another example? before…


Inspired By Charm

and after!

Inspired By Charm

it’s a bit time consuming and tedious… especially when working with moldings around four windows and four doors. but it’s done. it’s all about the details and having all these gaps filled make an amazing difference.



i also hung and attached the wood for my window coverings. they even have a coat of primer on them (that happened after i took this photo.)

Inspired By Charm


…and  a couple pretty pictures of things to come.

these are a pair of vintage corbels i bought about two years ago that have been sitting in my basement. i’m finally putting them to use in this space. i’m really excited to share this project with you. i’m just hoping it works. *crosses fingers*


Inspired By Charm


and these are antique wrought iron nails heads. another cool project i’m pumped about!


Inspired By Charm


and this is my new chandelier for the sitting area of the space. ain’t she purdy?

Inspired By Charm

i love the wrought iron, and the crystals add the perfect amount of glam! so pretty.

so things are moving along … slower that expected … but isn’t that how most things usually work? hopefully by tomorrow i’ll start painting the ceiling and move onto the trim by the weekend. then it’s smooth sailing after that.

anyone want to come help me paint? i make a killer breakfast.

Inspired By Charm

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  • Kelsee at

    SHUT UP!!!!! That chandelier you have is the same one I got for my daughter’s nursery when she was a baby. I spray painted it white (and by I, I mean my husband, because my mother-in-law freaked that I would even consider spray painting anything while pregnant.) Love the corbles too!

  • ann @ my life as prose. at

    i soooooo wish i were closer… i would def come help you paint, just to get the chance to peek around and eat your delicious bfast 🙂

  • The Sterling Cherub at

    Dude, I’d be there in a minute to help you paint (I ROCK at painting, if I do say so myself), but there’s 3,000 miles between us.

    I’m impressed you sealed those gaps up, some people don’t even bother. It makes all the difference, doesn’t it?

    Love those corbels, and that chandelier is pretty darn purdy! Can’t wait to see how this room turns out.


  • Robin at

    Too bad I don’t live closer, I love breakfast and I’m pretty handy with a paint brush! LOL

    So funny that you should talk about fixing crack along baseboards today. I just added it to my LONG to-do list this morning. I have a few area’s in my house that are driving me crazy.

    I’m getting very excited about your reveal, the corabels are gorgeous and the chandelier is AMAGING! Can’t wait to see the room completed.

    All this cold, yucky weather has really slowed me down, it seems to have energized you! Your modivating me to keep plugging away even when I don’t feel up to it. Thanks

  • Jen@Notes From the Heartland at

    I’ll help, I’ll help! Oh wait…there are how many states between us? Hmm….but I DO love breakfast. Oh the dilemnas. I’m so happy my magic potion worked for you! Can’t wait to see the reveal.

  • Shannon at

    I’m a sucker for breakfast, I’m in. I can just let my baby wander around the gift shop while we’re painting right? I thought so.

    And seriously, I could kiss you right now for showing me that magazine and that image in particular. Don’t go telling anyone but I’m planning a British inspired room. I’m so excited to go check this out!!!

  • tale of many cities at

    much better after the touch ups! you’re not alone.. i feel your pain with all those cracks! this house isn’t 100 yrs old, but you’d think it was! 😛 love the nails & chandy!

  • Tabitha at

    Love your blog, love your taste! Thanks for sharing your beautiful world with us!

  • kpaints at

    Great prep work…next time you can use caulk (paintable) around the windows, if you like. It’s a little easier.
    Love all your plans, the corbels and chandelier are going to look fab!

  • Suzie at

    We live in a 1925 craftsmen bungalow and those cracks and gaps look so familiar! Right now my granddaughter is watching THE VELVETEEN RABBIT and I’m thinking all those little projects are just part of being “real” and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

  • Lori at

    Great before and after of the fix ups! You amaze me and then you go and make killer breakfasts too! Amazing. Can’t wait to see what you do with the corbels.

  • Emerald Hills at

    I love looking at foreign websites and mags to get ideas. They tend to be… more out there and I like that 🙂

    Looks like things are coming together.

  • Camille @ The Vintique Object at

    I can’t wait to see what you plan to do with the nails. I bought some about 10 years ago because I liked the so much, but have never figured out what to do with them!

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