Adopting Cats (And How You Can Do the Same!)

A special thank you to Hill’s Pet Nutrition for sponsoring this post. All opinions and ideas are my own.

Today’s post is all about my sweet kitties. I’m sharing their adoption stories and ways you can help your local animal shelter this August.

Just his past weekend I received a few messages on Instagram asking about my cats. Folks were wondering if I’d posted information on the kitties’ backgrounds or tips for living with felines. Although I’ve talked about my cats over the years, I don’t think I’ve devoted an entire post to them. With that in mind, I brainstormed a few ideas and made some notes for future posts. Today, I thought it’d be fun to start at the beginning and share how my boys came into my life.

This post is especially timely since I recently partnered with Hill’s Pet Nutrition. This month they are sponsoring their largest adoption event. (Last year 160,000 pets found their fur-ever home!) I’m excited to tell you more about that event, plus what you can do to help. I’ll also share resources if you’re looking to adopt! #adoptdontshop

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My Cats’ Adoption Stories:

As you might know, I have two adorable kitties, Jax and Frankie. If you’ve been following Inspired by Charm for a while, you may also remember my tabby, Sebastian. He was my first real pet and Jax’s best bud. Sabastian crossed over the Rainbow Bridge last February.

I adopted all of my cats. Sebastian and Jax came from shelters. Sebastian was from the SPCA, and Jax was from a small local shelter via an independent pet store.

Adopting a Cat - How to Adopt a Pet #petadoption #petfood #catadoption #cats #foster #fosterpet #adoptdontshop

Growing up, I didn’t have pets, except for a tank of fish. But I knew my love for cats was strong. One of the first things I did after I finished college and moved into an apartment of my own in Philly was to go to the SPCA and adopt a cat. That was back in 2005, and Sebastian was the kitty I found.

A year later, when I was visiting a local independent pet store, I instantly fell in love with the cutest, tiniest gray kitten. After paperwork and an approval process, that dear boy, whom I named Jax, went home with me.

Adopting a Cat - How to Adopt a Pet #petadoption #petfood #catadoption #cats #foster #fosterpet #adoptdontshop

I love having two cats. I was especially lucky because Sebastian and Jax became instant friends. Whenever I had to be away from home, it was always good to know they had each other.

Sebastian and Jax moved with me from Philadelphia back home to St. Marys where they lived at my Mom’s house for a year and then eventually with me at the Bed and Breakfast. Most recently they relocated with me to Pittsburgh, first to my apartment, and then to Bayberry House. This is when Frankie joined our family.

With Sebastian approaching 15 and Jax 14, I realized I should be on the lookout for another cat. Sebastian was pretty independent, but I knew Jax would need a companion if something happened to Sebastian.

Adopting a Cat - How to Adopt a Pet #petadoption #petfood #catadoption #cats #foster #fosterpet #adoptdontshop

In December 2018, a blogger friend (Thank you, Julia!!) alerted me to a cat in Pittsburgh that needed a home. His name was Frankie. Several people were interested in adopting him, but luck was on my side, and he came to live with me. While there was a small adjustment period, within days, all three of my boys were getting along well and even sharing the same bed.

Meet Frankie! Inspired by Charm's New Cat

Unfortunately, just a couple of months later Sebastian became ill and passed.

I was sad to lose Sabastian but so grateful that Frankie had come into my life when he did. It’s almost as if Sebastian, sensing his time was coming, had sent Frankie to us. That’s what I like to think, anyway.

It has been one of my greatest joys to share my adult life with one or more cats. My kitties are a source of comfort and companionship. I will forever be a proud Cat Lady … er, Cat Gentleman. Ha!

Adopting a Cat - How to Adopt a Pet #petadoption #petfood #catadoption #cats #foster #fosterpet #adoptdontshop

How You Can Help:

If you’re thinking about adding a furry friend to your home, August could be a perfect time. As I mentioned above, Hill’s is hosting its largest adoption event this month. It’s a month-long celebration to provide resources for pet owners, including a quiz to determine which pet is right for you, pet care advice, and an information portal dedicated to tips for first-time pet owners. In 2019, more than 1,900 shelters participated in this event, and as I stated earlier, more than 160,000 pets found their fur-ever home. I love that!

If you want to learn more about this month-long event and how you can help, Hill’s has a webpage with details and resources. You can get information on adopting, fostering an animal, volunteering at a local shelter, donating money or supplies, or even something as simple as just spreading the word to others. Click here for more information.

Adopting a Cat - How to Adopt a Pet #petadoption #petfood #catadoption #cats #foster #fosterpet #adoptdontshop

Adopting a Cat - How to Adopt a Pet #petadoption #petfood #catadoption #cats #foster #fosterpet #adoptdontshop

I hope you enjoyed hearing more about my darling kitties. Do you have any adopted pets? I would love to hear their stories. Let us know about them in the comments below.

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  • Kathie at

    All of my cats have been rescues. I have 3 indoor and one that adopted us that lives outdoors. I’m on my 3rd set of foster kittens this summer and I LOVE every moment of it EXCEPT the giving them up part. My latest rescue has been with me about a year. She was injured and had to have one of her front legs amputated. But you’d never know it the way she gets around. My husband named her TriPawd. We have a solid black girl Shadow, a gray & white stripey KiKi and our outdoor girl is TwoSpunk. I AM a crazy cat lady and I embrace it! Ha! Loved hearing about your furbabies. It’s always inspiring to hear people like you, with influence, hailing ADOPT don’t SHOP! Love your blog! Keep up the great things and posts!

  • Holly at

    We adopted 2 black kittens from our shelter–black cats are much less likely to be adopted. They are so sweet and loving–not sure who rescued who! And yes, we have found over the years that 2 cats are much happier than just one. Your cats are adorable.

  • Jennifer Bliss at

    Love hearing about your cats! Can’t wait to read more about them. Are the indoor cats? What do you do for their litter??

    I grew up with a mom that picked up any stray animal she found on the street:) we have never had anything other than rescues and they are the most personable and grateful. I found my sweet dog Primrose and Cat named Kat (as in Katniss) in Asheville, NC during my medical residency Back in 2012. They have been best buds since day one & I credit those angels for getting me through the toughest time of my life! I am so glad they are still healthy and that my daughter (who absolutely loves them) got to meet them.

    Thank you for shining a light on pet adoption! It is such a privilege to call my two fur-babies “mine”.

  • Beth at

    All of my pets are rescues! Two horses, one cat, and four dogs! I foster for a local rescue and currently have two fosters looking for their forever!
    Thank you for sharing your babies!

  • Marla at

    Love seeing photos of and hearing about Frankie and Jax. I too have rescue cats and they add another dimension to our lives:

  • Stephanie Simpson at

    We have two dogs that we rescued. Tyson is our golden retriever mix and was around a year old when we got home and has been with us for 11 years. Gladys is our black lab mix that we adopted as a puppy and she will be 4 in November. We love them both!

  • Becky at

    We have 4 sweet babies, 3 from Pittsburgh CAT and our girl cat from a home where their 2 female cats each had a litter! We can’t imagine our home and lives without them even when the 4 month old kittens have the zoomies at 2 in the morning!!
    Your boys are so very handsome!! Love seeing pictures of them!!

  • Nancy at

    Your cats are all beautiful…Sebastian looks like a “man” cat. We adopted a Sebastian years ago. He didn’t seem to have a home but was randomly fed in the neighborhood. He was a beautiful orange tabby that would hang over your arm when carried. We let him in a few times; however, we found out through the death of our cat that he was a feline leukemia carrier. We adopted him, knowing he needed to be homebound. We had him for 6 more years before his leukemia became active. After Sebastian we adopted 3 tiny black cats from the vet. That was long ago and all are now gone. However, little Violet showed up in our driveway 2 years ago, coming out from under a bush. She adopted us! So our cat stories continue on.

  • Elle at

    My family is also cat crazy! All of our dear ones were foundlings. Their antics have blessed our lives in countless ways. Thank you for promoting pet adoption!

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      I totally get that! Love to you and your cats! <3

      xo Michael

  • Daisy at

    Your kitties are so cute and it’s great that encouraging people #adoptdontshop!

    We’ve got 2 cats Brownie and Billy, both from the street and adopted through a shelter. Brownie came to us a week after our other cat Chipmunk died.

    It was not easy integrating those 2 (they both have a dominant personality) and some days they’re still fighting a bit.

    Currently there’s a another cute homeless cat hanging around in our neighborhood and we’re thinking of adopting that one too, but we don’t know how we’re going to integrate him with the other 2 . Sigh!

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      Awwww. That’s so sweet and so kind of you. I’ve been really lucky that my cats are mostly easy going. I hope things work out with the homeless kitty in your area. I’m sure they’d love a home with you. <3

      xo Michael

      • Daisy at

        Thank you Michael! I’m sure we’ll figure something out.

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