A Tiny House in NYC

This post is sponsored by NESTEA.

I have exciting news! For the past couple months, I’ve been working with my friends at NESTEA to design a Tiny House in NYC!

If you haven’t heard, NESTEA has a fresh new look and delicious new recipes. Now made with fewer ingredients, it’s a perfect example of “less is more.” As frequent IBC readers know, I’m also making changes in my life to simplify, clear the clutter, and find more joy. So, when NESTEA presented this Tiny House opportunity to me, I was totally on board. Joy, simplicity, and design? Yes! Count me in.

Decorating A Tiny House in NYC with NESTEA | Inspired by Charm

The NESTEA Tiny House in NYC showcases this concept of less is more in a beautiful, trendy, and fun way. Two other bloggers and I were brought on to help plan the interior decor of the house. My focus was on the living room, bedroom and bathroom as well as deciding on several other details in the space.

Decorating A Tiny House in NYC with NESTEA | Inspired by Charm

Decorating A Tiny House in NYC with NESTEA | Inspired by Charm

Never having designed a space like this, it was an enjoyable challenge for me. My color inspiration came from the greens in the NESTEA logo and branding. I also pulled in touches of blue to add contrast and interest. A lot of white was used the space as well to keep it feeling spacious and open. Black accents were incorporated for a fresh, clean, contemporary look.

Decorating A Tiny House in NYC with NESTEA | Inspired by Charm

Modern stripes, solid colors, and green borders keep the overall design simple but appealing. A few accent pillows were chosen to provide a pop of color and pattern. The softness of the pillows also makes the space look and feel comfortable.

Decorating A Tiny House in NYC with NESTEA | Inspired by Charm

Since space is extremely limited in a tiny house, every detail in it must have a purpose. A few simple accessories were incorporated to keep the house fun and inviting without feeling fussy or cluttered. Plus, the details give it personality. (Any Inspired by Charm space wouldn’t be complete without a touch of quirkiness and brass. Right? You know me too well.)

Decorating A Tiny House in NYC with NESTEA | Inspired by Charm

Decorating A Tiny House in NYC with NESTEA | Inspired by Charm

By now, you’re probably wondering what all of this has to do with you and blogging.

Well, if you live in or near New York City and want to see the Tiny House (and me), you’re welcome to stop by for a visit! The NESTEA Tiny House will be set up in Herald Square on May 17. Swing by, say hello, and sample the new NESTEA. If you don’t live near NYC, no worries. You can follow along on social media (@inspiredbycharm) for a look inside the space.

Second, after the reveal of the Tiny House in NYC (which I’ll share more details about in coming weeks), I’ll be back here on Inspired by Charm with ideas on how you can find joy in simplifying home decorating and entertaining. As I design my new home in Pittsburgh, that will be a major theme. I’m excited to move forward with less so I can focus on what’s really important and not be weighed down with excess and clutter.

Decorating A Tiny House in NYC with NESTEA | Inspired by Charm

I’m looking forward to seeing you in NYC on May 17 or virtually via social media. For more information about the new NESTEA and their selection of delicious teas, head on over to their site.

Thank you to NESTEA for sponsoring this blog post. All opinions are my own.
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  • Delta Blake at

    I love the peach #Nestea the best, my favorite

  • K of TAF at

    Wow this is lovely – I especially love the bed – so soothing.
    Just finding your blog as the PR Agency tweeting about the #Nestea launch and how proud she was.
    I’ll have to check out your blog… and love that your a man who created such a bright and calming space. (All the men I know want man caves, really dark woods and metals… I’m more beachy so this was beautiful! Congrats on the opp you nailed it!)
    K of TAF

  • Lindy at

    This tiny house is adorable! I am loving all of the tea “leaf” related decor. Perfect timing for you on this project. Congrats, Michael, on a job well done!

  • Diane at

    While the tiny house is very pretty and I understand your statement that less is more and simplicity is peaceful, the stairs and stove as neighbors are creating huge amounts of stressful adrenaline. Am I the only one who is concerned??? Is it just the camera angle???

  • Reenie at

    Love it!

  • Elle at

    Cute and fresh! Love the color choices.I’m so glad you were a part of this project.

  • Diane at

    Congrats on the appointment! And all the best🙂‼️

  • Julie Blanner at

    It’s so beautiful! I love less is more, but not sure I could live in a tiny house, but who wouldn’t want to live here? It’s so thoughtfully decorated!

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