a texan in pa


on a cold january morning a texan woke up to a cold, cold, grey day. it would have been the easiest thing to allow the desolate chill of the sky seep into her bones.

Inspired By Charm


happily she woke up in the toasty warm bed that smelled ever so gently of spring flowers.


Inspired By Charm


waking up, the single star of home greeted her from the wall and gorgeous smells of warmth and care wafted up from the kitchen.


Inspired By Charm

texas in july could never feel so warm.


thank you, michael

life is good in your care.

Inspired By Charm


written by a guest on january 14th, 2011


Inspired By Charm


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  • April in CT at

    What a wonderful note! From the second I saw your blog, the website for the B&B and that big welcoming smile you have I thought to myself “That is a place I’d love to visit”.

    That must have been such a heart warming moment for you to receive such a compliment in written form.

  • Amanda M. at

    WOW! What a beautiful compliment!!

  • Carrie Rosalind at

    What a beautifully written note! That must be such a treasure for you. Makes me want to come visit to see what she’s talking about! 🙂

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