As the title of this post suggests, I got a rug and a table for my dining room and thought you might like to see them. (Those of you with an eagle eye might have noticed these changes in the background of my Apple Streusel Cake post.)

This Apple Streusel Cake is delicious fall dessert recipe. #apple #cake #streusel #baking #fallbaking #fall #recipe

When I share a decorating post these days, I feel like I need to include a disclaimer. As I wrote about in an earlier post, I’m currently planning to remodel the kitchen in my new home. (Work is still several months away, but I’m making progress getting all the pieces in place.)

Because the kitchen will be the heart of my home, the remodel will impact every room on the first floor. (Primarily because all the hardwood floors will be refinished.) However, the dining room will be affected the most. One wall section will be removed, and a couple windows will be installed. In addition, the French doors will be replaced.

I am eager to decorate my home, but it seems silly to do much before all of the kitchen changes are complete.

Does all of that make sense?

Choosing a run and a table for a dining room. #diningroom #decor #decorating #rug #table #moderncountrycolonial #colonial #modern

However, with fall nipping at our heels and the holiday season fast approaching as well, it was time to make some progress in my living spaces so I can share IBC-worthy decorating ideas and beautiful table settings with all of you.

That led me to pull a few triggers in my dining room.

I had been using the 40-inch round table from my apartment, but it was too small and too modern.

Choosing a run and a table for a dining room. #diningroom #decor #decorating #rug #table #moderncountrycolonial #colonial #modern

Choosing a run and a table for a dining room. #diningroom #decor #decorating #rug #table #moderncountrycolonial #colonial #modern

I researched tables online and decided to purchase this table from Wayfair. I think the style works well with my overall design scheme, and I’m excited about styling a white table. (I had a wood table in my old house.)

To my amazement, the table arrived in perfect condition. (Since it’s all white, I was concerned the finish would get damaged in transit.) The table is a good size, and there is a leaf should I decide to extend it. I’m not sure it will stay here forever but at just under $500 with a coupon code, I will get my money out of it.

Choosing a run and a table for a dining room. #diningroom #decor #decorating #rug #table #moderncountrycolonial #colonial #modern

I also stumbled upon this rug at HomeGoods. It’s from the Magnolia (Joanna Gaines) collection at Loloi. I have another rug from there which I love, so I was excited to find this one. I think the colors will be beyond perfect for fall, and I should be able to make it transition nicely into winter too. (If you can’t find the rug at your HomeGoods, you can find it online here.)

The chairs in the space are the ones from my apartment. I will likely swap those out.

Choosing a run and a table for a dining room. #diningroom #decor #decorating #rug #table #moderncountrycolonial #colonial #modern

Choosing a run and a table for a dining room. #diningroom #decor #decorating #rug #table #moderncountrycolonial #colonial #modern

I scored the vintage bench at a local shop. I’ve never before had a bench at a dining room table so I thought it’d be fun to try it out. I’m not sure it will stay here forever, but it should work well for fall.

Near the table is the console table I had in the office of my apartment. I’m trying to get away from loads of mid-century furniture so it will probably have to go. It’s a bit too orange-red anyway.

Choosing a run and a table for a dining room. #diningroom #decor #decorating #rug #table #moderncountrycolonial #colonial #modern

But since it’s not the worst, for now, I’m making it work. I might even paint it and replace the legs. I’m thinking that would better suit the space, but it could be like putting lipstick on a pig. What do you think?

The art on the console is a HomeGoods find. Isn’t it great?

The light fixture and paint color were here when I moved in. I don’t mind the fixture. I’d prefer clear bulbs, but it looks okay, at least for now. (I may replace it once the kitchen is complete.)

Choosing a run and a table for a dining room. #diningroom #decor #decorating #rug #table #moderncountrycolonial #colonial #modern

Choosing a run and a table for a dining room. #diningroom #decor #decorating #rug #table #moderncountrycolonial #colonial #modern

I did a little digging through the paint cans left at the house and found out the paint color in this room is Early Evening by PPG Porter Paints. I figured a few of you might be curious. It’s a beautiful color.

Choosing a run and a table for a dining room. #diningroom #decor #decorating #rug #table #moderncountrycolonial #colonial #modern

Although this room has a long way to go and is likely to change a lot over the next year, I’m excited it’s looking and functioning better.

I hope you enjoyed this peek into my in-progress dining room.

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  • Kristen at

    I’m mad about that print on the console! Available for purchase anywhere?

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      It was from HomeGoods about a year ago.

      xo Michael

      • Kristen at

        Great find! Nicely done.

  • Carla at

    The rug is gorgeous!! I can’t wait to see the changes you have in store for your home.

  • Liz at

    I love seeing how things are progressing! I have to agree with you about the console though, I don’t think painting it or changing it in any way is going to work for you. It’s a beautiful piece in its own right, but I don’t love it in the room.

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      Totally agree, Liz! Thanks!

      xo Michael

  • Susan L. at

    Is the console vintage and solid wood? If you’re selling, I’d be interested. Planning a PA trip this fall to visit relatives, so… All that aside, I ADORE the crate-like tray on your dining table. I’m guessing you picked it up vintage somewhere. Do you know anything about its original use? (PS: Love the colors in the rug and those tassels!)

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      If you’re serious about the console, shoot me an email. It’s a solid heavy piece. Wood with some veneer. It’s not in perfect condition, but I’d totally sell. The handles are new, from CB2.

      The tray was a HomeGoods find. It’s vintage. (They get vintage pieces from time to time. They are more expensive, but I always snatch them up.)

      xo Michael

  • Kathleen Byrne at

    Where did you get the beautiful artwork please?

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      It’s from HomeGoods

      xo Michael

  • Erin M at

    Don’t paint the console if it won’t work in your space. The wood is beautiful and I’d hate to see it changed. Normally, I love painted furniture but think with this one, leave it alone for the next owner. Love the updates BTW!!

  • Janette at

    I love that mid century cabinet with the other pieces. It’s a collected look, and it works.

  • Ellen Dignazio at

    Could you tell me where you got the stick lamps on the mid century console?? Thanks!!

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      They were from HomeGoods many years ago.

      xo Michael

  • Lindsay at

    With all the changes you have coming, I think you did an amazing job of working with what you have to make a beautiful space. I’m glad you posted it even though you don’t think it’s perfect yet. I love to see the whole process! I can’t wait to see how your new home evolves over time!

  • Kim R at

    The table is perfect and I love the rug! Already such a beautiful space!

  • Barb B at

    Console is a beautiful piece as is but I would eventually change it. Just like the pig it doesn’t matter if the lipstick is red or pink it’s still a pig. BTW, that made me laugh. Thanks!

  • Gwen at

    Room is coming together nicely. Pretty table. Gorgeous rug!!! Not a fan of benches for dining. Look nice but as an over 50 I want a chair 😉 Looking good!

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      Haha. I totally hear you. If someone made me sit at a bench for dinner I wouldn’t be happy about it. It’s more for styling and fall. I hear ya!

      xo Michael

  • PJ at

    Hi, Michael! The rug is gorgeous, and I think you will love the flexibility that the bench provides. (We move one from the living room when we have a lot of people at the table, especially kids who can “scooch” together.) A thought on the chairs: How about painting them in one of the colors from the rug? Thanks for sharing your progress.

  • pat at

    That rug is great, colors are perfect for fall and winter. Love that style of table too.

  • jae at

    Not a midcentury modern girl, but I love your console and how it picks up and contrasts with various finishes in your room. Maybe replace the legs or paint the brass ends dark so eye not drawn to the feet so much, maybe tone down the pulls also, but it is a beautiful piece! Your room really came together nicely.

  • Lurlie at

    I think the room looks just lovely! I love the new rug and table and the artwork and the way you have styled the console brings everything together so well- the artwork and orange floral tie in with the rug, the white pumpkins with the table and the natural wood in the console with the chairs. Although, I, also, am not a mid-century person (at least in style), everything looks so great in the room.

  • Lisa Reid at

    I can see this is just a beginning and by the time you are finished the dining room will be completely changed and fabulous. The new table, rug and print are a great beginning. What stands out for me is the brass against the beautiful color walls -it’s a bit like scratching fingernails against a chalk board. I think that wall color should be enhanced by tones of pearl and sterling – and, of course, a splash of great unexpected color you always throw in! But the fun for us is watching you bring pieces in and switching them out again until the room is perfect! Yay!

  • nancy at

    The only thing more fun than seeing this beautiful home transformed by and for you would be if you were doing it for me! I love your style and know this is going to be another of my absolute favorites.

  • Lori at

    The console would be beautiful painted a deep, deep teal–espeially with that hardware!

  • Talia at

    Beautiful! You are amazingly talented!

  • yasmara at

    Oh man, I totally need that rug for my dining room, it’s just perfect!

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