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As I alluded to on Monday, I”ve been in desperate need of motivation to get my kitchen back in order after the flooring was installed. To be honest, I’ve been dreading all the detail work. There is a lot of painting involved, and as much as I love painting, this is the tedious, don’t-drip-it-on-the-new-floor type of painting. I also want to replace the window in this space (not shown) and fix the molding around it. Not an easy task since the molding is almost 100 years old. Anyway, I told myself, enough complaining and procrastinating. It’s time to dive in. The first step is the hardest, right?

Inspired By Charm

You may remember that I had a built-in bench in this spot. Once the the bench was gone, I wanted a cabinet to take its place. For months I looked for something vintage, but had no luck. 

Inspired By Charm

Then, like a beam of light from above, I spotted this amazing cabinet at World Market. The size is perfect, and I love the metal frame and the shutter doors which add texture and warmth. Sold. 

Inspired By Charm

The main purpose of the cabinet is to house my microwave. For the past four years, my microwave sat on my refrigerator and looked like a hot mess. I couldn’t take it anymore. In fact, I gave my old microwave away in January and have been without one since then. It hasn’t been as bad as I thought.

Inspired By Charm

Anyway, this cabinet had a solid back. So, I used a spade / paddle bit the size of a microwave plug to cut a hole in the back of the cabinet. I measured and centered the hole to make sure it was just above the top of the interior shelf. Easy as pie.

Inspired By Charm

Inspired By Charm

After plugging in my new microwave and closing the doors, I added a lamp and some accessories. I don’t use the microwave that often so having it inside a cabinet works fine for me. I also don’t have extra counter space or shelf space, so this option suited me best. I even have a place at the bottom of the cabinet to store other appliances, cookbooks, etc.

Inspired By Charm

Another bonus for me: I now have another surface to decorate with colorful accessories and plants. I think that’s my favorite part! 

Inspired By Charm

Inspired By Charm

I’m just so happy I stumbled across this cabinet. The quality is fantastic and the style is perfect in my kitchen. (The Girl in the Kitchen cookbook is amazing by the way. Remember I met Stephanie in Chicago?)

Inspired By Charm

I’m always nervous about ordering such big pieces of furniture online. Thankfully, everything went off without a hitch.

Inspired By Charm

Now I’m off to warm up my lunch (a piece of sun-dried tomato focaccia) in my new microwave. What do you think of my microwave’s new home? 

Inspired By Charm

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  • Mama Picture This at

    Love that cabinet and what you did with it too! I wish I had a spot like that for my microwave but alas our kitchen is just too small! And I do love World Market furniture.

  • Elle at

    The look is you – modern with a touch of vintage! I love your style.

  • Terri at

    That cabinet is fantastic. I love that the microwave has a beautiful and functional “hiding” place. Always so fresh and charming!

  • Margaret Baham at

    Definitely want this cabinet! Love World market! Have spent many hours wandering!!!!

  • Debi at

    Brilliant use of a great looking cabinet – love it! Great example of showing how organizing can be functional and fabulous. Sad to see World Market does not ship to Canada. 🙁 Josh & Main is another place I really really wish did.
    Are you still enjoying your new Buick Encore? I’ve been leaning that way since seeing the one you designed. Waiting for those to arrive in Canada as well…sigh. I love the ad and have added into my journal of favourite sayings – A life of significance, not status.
    Thank you for sharing all that you do – I’ve been a fan since discovering you on Pinterest 🙂 You always give me something to smile at or reflect on.

  • Jenn Leigh at

    This really is the perfect piece! Tall enough to be functional but short enough to let the pass through stand out. I must say, I have no idea how you lived without a microwave as long as you did! Please send me some of your cooking skills telepathically!

  • Laura Stutzman House Envy at

    Ah don’t you just love World Market!! They have so much reclaimed and industrial looking furniture right now! Makes it too easy! And although I love and mix of new and old, it is just the easy you need sometimes when you are fed up! Plus I am a advocate of hiding appliances. I hide everything in our kitchen!

    House Envy

  • Jane S. at

    That really looks great! I love pieces that have a mixture of materials as they’re so much more visually exciting. Excellent hidey-hole for your microwave. 🙂

  • Pam Faust at

    Love World Market!! When I visit our son and daughter in law in OH, I always make them take me there to shop. I was just at the store last weekend.

  • Rebecca at

    great idea! microwaves always seem hard to place, but that cabinet is amazing!

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      I couldn’t agree more. This solution worked perfectly for me!


  • TWitham at

    Love this solution! I hate when a microwave is visible but with a small child and a person who loves HOT coffee, I must own one. Great idea for my kitchen remodel in a couple of years. Thx!!

  • Serendipity Refined at

    It’s perfect! I’m always looking for another flat surface to decorate and the extra storage is a bonus! Well done! xo

  • Janet at

    First of all… I love that you’ve retained the charm of the telephone pass-through window. We had one of those in the house we lived in when I was five years old – so thank you for that walk down wonderful-memories lane! Second of all… FABULOUS use of the cabinet. I also am in love with your choice for the kitchen floor!


    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      Isn’t the phone pass-through too cute!? It even has little doors. I love it. So glad you are loving the cabinet. I am too!


  • Brandi at

    Oh, I love it!

  • Gary at

    I love your use of Fiesta!

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      Ooh! Good eye. 😉


  • Monica at

    I love it, Michael! I love how your kitchen is coming together. I was just thinking how I miss World Market…then I read you ordered it online! I know where I’m going after I post this comment! 🙂

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      Aww! How sweet. It is coming together nicely. And feeling a lot more like home.


  • Anonymous at

    Love it! And the minute I saw the outlet (besides using it for the intended microwave) I thought, “Oooooh! Opportunity for a mini-lamp!”

  • Carla M. at

    Great post! Thank you for including World Market..

    ~ World Market

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      Thanks so much World Market! Loving the cabinet!


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