A New Gallery Wall

I’m sure you’re thinking it’s about time. I have delayed hanging anything on my walls in my living room / office for quite some time. Well, after inspiration struck last week, I’m breaking out the hammer and nails.

A New Gallery Wall | Inspired by Charm

As I alluded on Tuesday, this huge blank wall above my sectional has finally been filled. And although it’s not quite complete, it’s well on the way.

Check it out.

A New Gallery Wall | Inspired by Charm

Pretty fabulous, right? It immediately added loads of drama.

As you can tell, there is no art in the frames. I’m working on that. The goal is to fill these frames with my own photography. The theme is wanderlust. Beautiful places / spaces that I’ve visited or want to visit. I assume the pictures will continue to change until I find the perfect balance. I have a few of my own pictures that are being printed, and I ordered a few online. I think I have about nine. Once everything arrives, I’ll give you an update.

A New Gallery Wall | Inspired by Charm

I got these frames from Target. I really love the wood element in the space. It goes very well with my floors, coffee table, and work island.

A New Gallery Wall | Inspired by Charm

The only thing that I didn’t realize about these frames when I ordered them online is that the mats are off-white. Since this space is all about bright white, I have already ordered some replacement mats (from Matboard and More). While the off-white isn’t a total disaster, I think the new mats will work much better in the space.

Hanging the frames wasn’t too complicated, either. It just took some math, time, and patience. This was my diagram for figuring out the measurements.

A New Gallery Wall | Inspired by Charm

To briefly explain: I first took a measurement of the width and height of the wall. This allowed me to find the center point. After that, I measured the frames. Then I determined how much space I wanted around each frame. I knew I wanted a little more space around the outside of the entire set. Once I had all of my numbers in place, I started with the center top frame and worked out from there.

Once you have a few frames in place, it gets much easier. Pay close attention to where you hang your first frame. Measure and remeasure around all the sides to ensure that it’s perfectly centered before moving on.

A New Gallery Wall | Inspired by Charm

Thankfully, I was able to get everything hung fairly evenly and level. If you’re tackling a project like this by yourself, just take your time, measure twice, and use a level. I also found it helpful to have frames with the hanging hardware already attached. This made things consistent when it came to hanging them.

I’m excited about getting the photographs in the frames, but I’m loving how the gallery turned out. It looks great from every angle – even looking in the mirror. (Please pardon my bare mantel. It needs some attention.)

A New Gallery Wall | Inspired by Charm

Well, that’s one wall (almost) down. Several more to go. What do you think of gallery walls? Have you created any in your home?

Inspired By Charm

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  • girlfromwva at

    i have several “gallery walls” in my place. one is art from going to the St. James Art Festival in Louisville, KY; one is photos of cone flowers and zinnias that my sis has taken; one is of vintage embroidery items; one with framed vintage sheet music covers. next place i live, i want to do one with mirrors.
    i love how your place is evolving. can’t wait for the next update.

  • Deanna at

    Hi! Can you tell me where those poofs are from? I can’t find them in the sources links you provided. Thanks so much!

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      They are from Target. 🙂

      xo Michael

      • Deanna at

        Thank you so much! Love your blog!

  • JaneEllen at

    Hi Michael I’m new today to your blog, found you thru BHG spotters post. I’ve been perusing your posts, photos, your writing is very good, enjoy reading texts to go with photos. Decided I didn’t want to miss any posts so subscribed, you’re first male blogger I’ve subscribed to.
    I enjoy reading posts so much, subscribe to many blogs, spend much of my time reading posts, getting ideas, commenting on posts. But I also make time to make projects, many of which are found on blog posts.
    I’m a senior citizen that loves reading posts but don’t have my own blog, no time for it. Once in while I have to make time to do laundry, clean this joint, drat it anyway.
    I love your living room, all of it, but my favorites are your sculptural aqua lamp and your rug, loving them both. They’d both go wonderfully in our living room. After almost 8 yrs. finally got our l/r painted, repainted some furniture in it, made new art all from what I had. Also covered a club chair purchased at Habitat few years ago with 4 vintage table cloths of which I have several. Also bought “new to me” couch at Habitat after painting l/r, used 3 different cloths on couch also. Was going for cottage/some beachy, think I succeeded. I did my first gallery wall in l/r, with beachy stuff, family photos, signs I’d made. From wanting to sell our place due to dislike of it to loving it much more it was worth all the work. We have 16×80 single wide mfg. home on 1/2 acre out in country few miles west of Grand Junction, CO.
    I was very impressed with your style of decorating, more modern than mine but I’m able to appreciate other ideas and not have to live with them. I take little parts of what I see to implement them for what I love. Look forward to following your blog. happy summer days

  • caroline [the diy nurse] at

    Loving the look so far! Sometimes you can flip the mats over and theyre white on the back but they arent always in perfect condition on the back either. Cant wait to see your travel photos!

  • Lindsay at

    No need to order new mats…just paint the old ones!

    It’s going to look great once you have the pictures in! I’m a traveler, and I love decorating with pictures I’ve taken around the world. Can’t wait to see how it turns out!

  • Angela Boone at

    We have gallery walls everywhere! I made one for our bathroom using some scrapbook paper that looked like vintage wallpaper. We also have a gallery of wedding photos in our bedroom and a wall affecting ”our story” in the hall. It has a photo of us when we were dating, when we were engaged, when we got married, our maternity photo, our daughter as a newborn, and our first studio picture as a family of three. I don’t remember where I got this idea, but when I walk by and see all those memories, it makes me smile. We are getting ready to add a gallery wall above my daughter’s bed, too.

  • Tanya at

    Your gallery wall looks great Michael! I still want those poufs & the rug too. I have a gallery wall in my living room that keeps changing and growing. My latest addition was a hand painted icon I purchased at a Greek Orthodox monastery. The places we find inspiration!

    xo, Tanya

  • Michelle Vincent at

    It looks great! I’ve always loved the natural wood color frames.

  • Esther at

    I made a gallery wall using pictures taken during our family reunion. I used all black frames that and the pictures are the only only thing that they all have in common. I used different sizes and types of frames. I found the center of the wall to place the large photo of the entire family then just started putting up the rest of the pictures, I filled the entire wall it really looks amazing!

  • 204 Park at

    This looks great! I love all of the colour and pattern in your place – it’s so happy and fun! Xo, S

  • dani combs at

    Love it, Michael!

  • Nicole at

    It looks great Michael! Great frame choice!
    I just got 6 11×14 dark wooden frames that are a similar color to the hutch I have in my dining room. What do you think about putting 2 above it vertically and 2 on each side horizontally? I’m thinking of arranging them that way. Hmmmm 🙂

  • Amber at

    How nice is it that the gallery wall shows up in the mirror like that!? So cool!

  • emily @ go haus go at

    I’m new to your blog (I know, where have I been!) and I’ve been reading through your archives this week. I love your style, your writing style and your photography. Super inspirational for a newbie blogger like me. Love the gallery wall! I’m too OCD to do a staggered gallery wall, so this grid-approach is right up my alley.

  • Sarah(Handbags*and*Pigtails) at

    I actually created a gallery wall in our master bath using architectural pencil drawings and such. Its not as symmetrical as yours here but I really like it and the mix of frames works well in the space.

  • Cheryl @ The Creative Me and My McG at

    Looks Great!! We have no pictures on the walls right now as we are in the process of packing for a move later this summer…BUT – I plan a gallery wall in the new house! Thanks for this inspiration!

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