a new chalkboard


well, i painted another ‘thing’ with chalkboard paint. i don’t know about you, but i love this stuff.

Inspired By Charm

i have a little built-in cabinet in my hall where i store extra sheets, towels, etc that needed a little pick-me-up.

Inspired By Charm

a quick coat of black chalkboard paint and it was already looking fierce.

Inspired By Charm

inspired by a quote that’s been floating around the blog world these days, i grabbed my chalk and got to work.

Inspired By Charm

a perfect and very true message for all that enter.

Inspired By Charm

dont’ you agree?

Inspired By Charm

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  • Susan @ homeroad.net at

    That chalkboard was meant to be there It looks wonderful!
    Susan @homeroad

  • Kelli at

    Love it! That spot is perfect for a chalkboard. Your home is beautiful. I love molding around your doors.

  • Dawn, at

    Brilliant! Your mouldings are drool-worthy, swoon.

  • Heidi at

    I LOVE this! Sure wish I had a place like it in my house to paint!

  • ChRiS at

    Perfect and yes it does brighten the area up…love the quote

  • Lei at

    It’s perfect!

  • Kim at

    Love it…looks like it was meant for that spot! Love the quote!

  • Kim @ NewlyWoodwards at

    This is really cute. I wanna paint my kitchen door with chalkboard paint. Ryan’s still undecided.

  • The Sterling Cherub at

    Excellent job as always, Michael! Better than the original!



  • Jen at

    What a fun place to have a chalkboard and a lovely message to read. I must check out the chalkboard paints.

  • Anonymous at

    i agree with all the other comments, that door was meant to be a chalk board and the quote it just perfect. your home is so lovely! thank you. sharon

  • judi at

    love, love, LOVE chalkboard paint! that little door was the perfect spot and the quote fits perfectly with your business…how welcoming to your guests!
    check out chalkboard ink (they’re like markers)at michael’s or online if you haven’t already. they are awesome and no chalk dust!

  • Kelly O. at

    have you tried the chalk pens that are on the market?
    I saw them on diy dish

  • ourlifeinaclick.blogspot.com at

    I do agree!! Looks like it was meant to be there. It’s always fun to have a chalkboard around in unexpected places. Have you tried chalk markers yet? They are my new obsession! (no chalk dust)


  • Patti at

    Perfect example of a small change with big results! well done!

  • Melodie at

    What a great idea! It looks great. I am debating where to put a chalkboard in my home, they are so cute.

  • deb mills at

    a great looking and useful addition to your hallway, michael. i have a tall narrow kitchen pantry cupboard that i’ve been planning to do this to. just waiting for warm weather.
    love your blog!

  • Life in Rehab at

    That’s going on my chalkboard wall this weekend.

  • Madigan at madiganmade at

    I love chalkboards, what a great place for one. And that quote is simply perfect.

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