ahh, i’m back. still not fully rested i suppose, but ideas are starting to turn again. does your brain ever just stop working? agh. i hate when it happens!


Inspired By Charm



anyway. this is one of my absolute favorite quiche recipes to make. spinach, bacon & swiss. doesn’t it look delicious?


Inspired By Charm

typically i’m not a big paula deen fan, but this recipe is from her and amazingly its not loaded with butter and sugar. not that a quiche should be. and it’s pretty simple! even if you are not a big fan of spinach or swiss, give it a try. its yummy.


and … do you remeber natalie merchant? (i loved love her first cd. in fact, i still break it out every once in a while) well, she’ back! don’t you love when really great artists, that have disappeared, come back better than ever? me too!


her new cd, leave your sleep, came out today!

Inspired By Charm

i didn’t realize there are two version (which i hate -fyi. why the need for two versions?) anyway, i download the smaller one with just some of the songs. weird… i know. i’ve had it playing all day in the gift shoppe and while i really have LISTENED to it, i’m loving it already.


you can check it out here. so grab your ingredients for quiche, set your CD player to repeat and get ready for a magical experience!

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  • Rachel at

    I would love to make this. I never made quiche before, so I cannot wait!

  • Jen@Notes From the Heartland at

    Seriously Michael I’m going to have to run an extra hour on the treadmill everyday if I keep reading your blog!! YUM!!! This one just went on the menu for the week.

  • Stephanie at

    Usually not a fan of quiche.. but this looks delicious!

  • Stephanie at

    PS. Are you doing another giveaway soon? 🙂 You’ve made me obsessed with twine!

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