a mantel story


i am in no way a designer, a ‘wanna be’… yes… but professional designer… no. i do like it though, and somewhere in me there may be a talent for it. who knows? anywho, a friend of my sister-in-law is looking for help with her mantel. here it is…


if you can’t tell there is a tv right above it, so that limits what can be put on the mantel. below are my suggestions to get things started. she didn’t know exactly what she wanted, so I provide a sampling of ideas as inspiration. you can click on the images to see bigger verisons as the text may be hard to see.


i love these globes. love. i can’t tell you how much. i think i may start a collection of my own!

i could have a house full of topiaries. i’d probably end up killing them all, but it would be amazing for about a week or so.

hopefully this mantel story will have a happy ending. and if i do get pictures of the finished project i will be happy to share.

all the images were collected over a 2-3 hour internet search, so where they are from, i have NO idea. if you need to know or would like to know, let me know and I will do my best to find it again.

so what do you think? how’d i do? what do you like? what would you do? other ideas or suggestions?

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  • by...K@ Ashcroft at

    It just seems so dark and enclosed. I honestly had to stare at it for quite a while to figure out where the “fireplace” part way. It just wasn’t obvious to me. So I guess what I am saying is, the first thing I would do is lighten it up somehow to make it obvious that it is in fact, a mantel and not just the top of an entertainment center which is what I thought it was.

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