Yesterday, I talked about some projects that need to be completed at my house. I also explained a bit about why they haven’t been accomplished, which includes a few insecurities about myself and my home. Thanks to those of you who left some love in the comments. As I mentioned, getting sympathy wasn’t the goal of that post, but it’s always appreciated.

Following up on that post, I thought it would be appropriate to show you around the outside of my house since that’s an area I mentioned. I’ll share some photos, talk about several issues, and discuss my plans to improve the problematic areas.

Before I get into things, I want to provide a bit of my home’s backstory. Built in 1917, the house was turned into a B&B by the previous owners in 1993. Obviously, changes were made to the original structure and the lot. If I had an unlimited budget or planned to stay in this house forever, I would be making or would have made different decisions in order to return the house to its former glory. Instead, I’ve decided to improve what I can given the things that have already been done.

I realize I didn’t need to explain that, but I wanted to anyway. Now, on with the tour.

Lets’ start behind my house. This is my garage.

A Look Outside | Inspired by Charm

When I purchased this house as a B&B, the garage was divided into two guest rooms. The space is large and each room has an adjoining bathroom. I had the doors installed last winter. (There was a door and window there when the building was part of the B&B.) I will show you inside the garage in another post. The smaller building next to it is used for storage and is also home to the furnace and hot water tank for the garage. As I noted on “The List,” the shingles on these roofs are getting replaced to match the main house. Other changes will be happening inside the garage.

As you might have also noticed, I don’t have a backyard. The property line is at the end of the garage. Since the house was functioning as a B&B, any grass back here was paved over to provide parking for guests. This worked well then, but now it’s kind of a bummer. At this time, the expense and mess to rip out some of the pavement isn’t worth it to me.

future deck

However, just behind the house there is a small area near the shed. I’ve met with a builder and am hoping to tuck the cutest little floating deck into this space. As you can see, I’m close to my neighbors and even though they are great, I’ll probably put up a privacy wall with the deck to make it a private hideaway spot. Right now, I don’t “need” lots of outdoor space, so I think this will provide just enough room. The goal is to get this project started in May or early June, depending on the builder’s schedule.

Moving on.

Over on the side of my house, I have a small porch which has been on the blog.

side porch

This photo is a little rough, but let me explain. I did most of the landscaping myself. Right now, things aren’t looking particularly exciting as the plants are just budding. When I did the landscaping, I failed to incorporate some evergreen bushes in this area, so I will be moving some things around shortly.

I also wanted to point out the roof on the porch. Again, as I mentioned on my list, both porch roofs are metal which needs to be replaced. As you can see, this roof is rusting and creating horrible stains on the soffit. It drives me bananas. I’m happy to say that the roofers are hard at work as I write this. The shingles on the garage and shed are also being replaced right now. Once the job is finished, the shingles on every roof will match and bring a more cohesive look to everything.

side and front porches

This photo includes both porches. The front porch roof is rusting as well. However, it’s mostly on the section facing the street.

A Look Outside | Inspired by Charm

Once the landscaping gets greener and the new roofing is complete, I’ll share better pictures of everything.

Finally, let’s discuss the space to the right of my house, the area next to the neighbors I mentioned above. There’s no hiding the condition of this space. It’s looking particularly bad for two reasons: winter just ended and “out of sight, out of mind.”

side landscape

Although I enjoy landscaping, I’ve decided to bring in professionals to give me a hand with this. I just want things looking nice, and they can do the work faster and more efficiently. As you can probably tell, this is a big and old house.  Tackling all of the maintenance, cleaning, and upkeep is sometimes more than a one-person job. Anyway, this area was mostly perennial flowers, which caused to become rapidly overgrown. Almost everything is coming out, and the area will be filled with low-maintenance shrubs and trees. The professionals are also going to give the rest of the landscaping a little refresh.

Well, that’s about it for now. I hope this gives you a better sense of the outside of my house, what I’m working with, and my plans for the future.

A Look Outside | Inspired by Charm

In case you’re curious, facing the front of my home, the windows to the left of the front door are in my dining room. The side porch is accessed through the door behind my dining room table. Just above my dining room is my master bedroom. The windows to the right of the door are in my office / living room. They are the two windows just behind the large wood workstation. The room above that is a spare bedroom which I haven’t talked much about on IBC. (We will be getting to that soon though.)

While this was probably not helpful to some of you, I hope those of you who have been asking questions about my outdoor space found it enlightening. I hope you enjoyed the style of this post as well. Have a great week!

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  • Skylar at

    Your home is lovely! I know what you mean about landscaping — it’s so expensive and a load of work. We’ve been in our house 7 years,and there is a “side” of the house that we just don’t look at or talk about! We will get to it someday!

  • Diane@InMyOwnStyle at

    Michael – I love this post and the tour of the exterior of your home. What a nice treat. It was interesting to learn the backstory, too. It is beautiful. I am looking forward to seeing more.

  • Sheila at

    Great photography! And, wow, you are tackling much of what needs to be done. Be thankful your brown stains are on the outside of your home. My master bath had these brown stains from well water embedded in the sinks and shower stall/bathtub. With all the other work needing to be done on our home, it took us years to get to this project. I hated the stains and spent much of my in home time scrubbing hoping each new product would remove the ugliness of the staining. What a blessing to have a brick home! It will be exciting to see the transformation you make over time in these sections. And what a neat idea to construct a floating deck in lieu of green outdoor space!

  • Gwen, The Makerista at

    I can’t wait to see this progress. We’ve been hard at work trying to gather inspiration and figure out what we can afford to update on our exterior too. It’s all so expensive! Our backyard is a concrete jungle thanks to a pool. Micah swears it’s for the best – that lots of grass would just be hard to keep alive with wet feet and/or end up in the pool – but it’s terribly unattractive. I buy thrifted pots any chance I get and hope to remedy some of the hard lines with potted plants. Looking forward to seeing what you do!

  • Tracey at

    Your house is so charming & historic. Just the stone work & brick alone are fabulous! All the porches. OMG, I always hoped one day to get there when it was a B&B! a floating deck is a great solution. The two outside buildings they need a little Michael flair & TLC, some cool wrought iron pieces or some ivy, the one has carriage doors already! Can’t wait to see what’s in store!

  • Rachel at

    As always, I am excited to see what you do next.

  • Summer at

    Yay! Can’t wait to see what you do! I love outdoor spaces!

  • Linda at

    Are you planning to replace the rocks in the flowerbeds with mulch? I once had stones in a bed and found it a pain in the neck to deal with whenever I wanted to plant something. Plus, mulch is a softer, more organic look that I like. Either way, I am certain whatever you do will be lovely. I enjoy your blog and your style.

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      Linda, You can’t really tell from the photos, but I have a mix of river rock and mulch. I really like the combination of the two. I’m hoping to refresh both this spring. More soon. 🙂

      xo Michael

  • Vanessa at

    Hi Michael,

    Oh- I adore your house! What is even cooler is that I too had a historical home and it had the same brick, stucco and color scheme. The photos brought me straight back to renovation days-these homes are truly labors of LOVE and It is all worth it! I can’t wait to see everything! Good Luck!

  • Guerrina at

    You have a beautiful historic home and I love what you’re doing/have planned. Can’t wait to see the outcomes!

  • Nicole at

    Hi! I love your posts and all the love your putting your home. It’s lots of work and it takes one day at a time. I love the exterior I’m sure you will make it beautiful. I’m remodeling and decorating our new home and I am frustrated. Not enough time! Hugs

  • Sharilynn at

    You are a remarkable blogger, decorator/designer, human and many other things; based on your blog and what the inside of your house looks like, the outside will end up looking just as beautiful and will match your shining personality just as the inside does. Your house looks real. It looks livable, loved and genuine, unlike a show house. You are one (of the two) bloggers who inspired my husband and I to get serious about becoming homeowners in the first place so thank you for that. I look forward to seeing all the progress and changes in the future! 🙂

  • Poppy at

    Let’s not overlook your awesome lights on the front porch! Very stunning, Michael. Good luck with this. It’s so rewarding to spruce up/change exterior elements. Can’t wait to see the afters!

  • beverly e at

    Your house has soo much character, inside and out! Looking forward to seeing your outdoor projects take shape.

  • Debra W at

    Michael, Oh, I like your house. It has so much character. I love the brick and the porches. It was nice to hear about the history of your home, to paint us a picture of it with words. Can’t wait to see all that you are going to do with it. I know that it will look just as great as the inside. You are a wonderful designer.

  • Becky at

    Thanks for sharing your outdoors. Writing a blog that highlights gardening, I feel like I never write about my indoor space. This may spur me on with transforming some rooms.

  • Diana at

    Your home is amazing and I’m sure that when all the things are removed and in place everything will be just fine. I’ll probably go with stone path around my house too! Thanks for sharing it here, Man With Van Cubitt Town Ltd.

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