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as i was perusing blogland at 6 am this morning, after spilling an entire cup of coffee on the floor, inspiration struck (from blogland, not the spilled coffee).

it’s sad to say, but it’s a rare thing for me to mail a thank you note. i know that probably sounds horrible, but it’s true. so when i saw this post from the fabulous tobi fairley, i was inspired!

Inspired By Charm

she shares her new year’s resolutions in the post. one of those resolutions includes sending out a thank you note every day. it’s been said that being more grateful can improve your overall happiness. i for one could use a little happiness boost every now and then so i thought i would give it a shot.

as a way to save a little cash i decided i would make my own thank you cards using things i had on hand. another personal resolution – spend less! i just created a simple pamphlet style card using iStudio on my macbook. i used craft paper colored card stock and envelopes. and then just printed everything out.

Inspired By Charm

pretty and inexpensive! what’s not to love? i saved the files so i can easily print and cut more whenever i need them. and have you seen the new love stamps from the post office?

Inspired By Charm

i love them. pun intended.

Inspired By Charm


here are the details if you’d like to make some yourself:
thank you/address font – traveling typewriter 
large flourish – found here
small flourish – found here
craft colored card stock and envelops – via this store
baker’s twine – i have a huge roll, but you can get lots of colors here.

i would put up a printable/download for you but i don’t own the rights to the graphics and i’m pretty sure you don’t need stationary with my name and address.

Inspired By Charm

and no, i’m not committing myself to send out a thank you note everyday. that would be a plan to fail for sure! but i’m hoping to send them often and randomly – even for the little things that wouldn’t typically require a thank you note.

Inspired By Charm

and yes, an ultra fine tip sharpie is my writing utensil of choice. i think i own every color and then some.

do you send thank you notes often? what ways do you practice gratitude?

Inspired By Charm

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  • Sharon at

    Love this! Thanks for sharing!

  • likeit365 at

    These are absolutely lovely and the thought behind it is great.
    Thanks for the inspiration, and thanks for the link to Tobi’s blog- its delightful too!
    Good luck with more gratitude in 2012.

  • Patti at

    Love this idea – I enjoy sending photos as “thank yous” – something related to the message I am sending – and yes, I love to “snail mail” them! Yours are very special and will be happily received!

  • amyd at

    yes, I do send thank you notes…a real piece of mail is such a joy to receive (and I’m not just saying this because I’m the owner/designer of greeting card line!) I just sent out two thank you cards today…so glad you have jumped on the wagon with this idea – I hope it spreads!

  • Debbie refreshrestyle at

    Love this! I do send some, not enough! Maybe this will spur me to send more.

  • Micki at

    I am a stained glass artist. Most of the time, instead of sending a thank you card to someone I am grateful to or thankful for, I will make them a small item in the studio and give it to the personally and say thank you. I love to see their eyes light up when they see what I have made especially for them.

  • Shannon at

    Give me kraft paper, twine and an ultra thin sharpie and I’m a happy girl. I would love to get thank you’s like these. I send em out pretty often. Of course, people send to gift things to kiddos for no reason all the time, so that’s probably why. I also have an on-going thank you note relationship with my aunt. She mails me a little check, I send her my thanks with pictures of Gabe inside. She mails me thanks for the pics and includes another check. Ha. It’s pretty awesome. So I’m always on the lookout for cute notes because I can’t send her the same one every month, right?

  • Jen@Notes From the Heartland at

    This idea is seriously awesome. It’s so simple, yet so profound. I had told myself I would like to send out more MAIL this year…not email, but real, paper mail…letters, cards, thank yous, etc. I love to receive it, but so rarely send it. A thank you note for something unexpected would brighten anyone’s day. Hooray for you my brilliant friend.

  • Jen@Notes From the Heartland at

    Oh, and we’re separated at birth…for reals Loo Who. I mean, you’re probably 50 years younger than I am but we were totally separated on some cosmic level. I use Traveling Typewriter for EVERYTHING.

  • Ali Richardson at

    These are gorgeous!!! I am a BIG fan of sending out thank you notes! Definitely going to have whip some of these up 🙂

  • Kim @ NewlyWoodwards at

    I love the kraft paper. Makes anything a little prettier. Also, love the idea of the twine on the top.

  • Anonymous at

    I really want to make some of these. Can you please tell me exactly how to make them??

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