a lesson in snow blowing


I…successfully?…blew snow (is that the correct wording for the past test of snow blowing?) for the first time today and have documented what I learned. While reading you may think: what an idiot. It’s okay – trust me, the thought ran through my mind several times.

Here’s what I learned:


1. When removing your snow blower from your shed, keep in mind that the melting snow from the roof could have created ice below the snow. This could… will… result in low tracking, followed by an embarrassing fall.


2. Plan first, then blow. It is important to take into account where you want the snow to be when finished. Also, taking in to account which direction the wind is blowing is essential.


3. The appropriate couture is recommended. Keep in mind that the snow does in fact blow.


4. No matter how much you plan, it is inevitable that the street snow plow will pass by as soon as you finish blowing the bottom of your driveway. Don’t lose hope.


5. Patience is key. Attempting to push the snow blower or plowing too much at once will create extreme frustration and added work.

6. Plowing in a square or circular pattern is not advisable as this will create a large pile of snow in your driveway that will need to be moved by another means.


7. If it’s still snowing while you are blowing, by the time you are ‘done’ you may need to start all over again.


8. For you those of you traveling past in your heated automobile. It is advisable NOT to honk. By the time the snow clears from the air the person snow blowing will have no idea who you are resulting in further frustration.

9. While snow blowing is an excellent snow remove system. Keep in mind you will still need to shovel some areas. Trying to squeeze your snow blowing apparatus into every area is not possible or advisable.


10. Snow blowing is NOT as easy as it looks.

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  • Krista at

    this made me laugh out loud! hahaha!

  • rachelscottagehouse at

    Your snow anecdote was quite humorous! Thanks for sharing.


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