A Fresh New Look For My Bar Stools


Well, I finally managed to give my stools a facelift and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I know it’s just a little project. but it makes such a huge impact. If you remember, here’s how we started.

A Fresh New Look for my Stools | Inspired by Charm

Now, they weren’t terrible, but that’s way too much natural wood to my liking. As I mentioned earlier, my final decision was to paint these stools white. Because of all their weird nooks and crannies, I knew it was going to be a challenge. Initially, I tried spray paint, but that did not work out well. The wood just soaked up the paint and I got no coverage whatsoever.

A Fresh New Look for my Stools | Inspired by Charm

Then, thank my lucky stars, I received an email from my friends at Glidden Paint. (I write for their design blog, My Colortopia). They recently developed this amazing Trim and Door Paint.

It’s super durable, comes in extra high gloss and is specially designed with Glidden’s Gel-Flow Technology to help eliminate drips and brush marks. It was exactly what I needed for the stools.

A Fresh New Look for my Stools | Inspired by Charm

As you can see, the paint is incredibly thick and wonderful.

A Fresh New Look for my Stools | Inspired by Charm

In the past, I avoided oil-based paint even though I know it’s much more durable. With this project, however, I took the risk and dived into this paint fearlessly. I’m so glad I did. While it took a little longer to get things cleaned up, the results clearly speak for themselves.

A Fresh New Look for my Stools | Inspired by Charm

My stools look so happy and new with their fresh coat of paint.

A Fresh New Look for my Stools | Inspired by Charm

The finish is nothing short of perfect. The extra high gloss looks great and works so well with other pieces in the space.And even though the stools had lots of nicks and scratches, most were covered or masked by the paint.

A Fresh New Look for my Stools | Inspired by Charm

I also have a feeling these are going to be much more durable now. Unlike the previous finish, the new paint seems like it will stand up to regular use.

A Fresh New Look for my Stools | Inspired by Charm

I seriously couldn’t be more pleased. Originally, I was going to do some sort of dipped gold treatment to the bottom of these stools, but I’m liking the white so much, I may not go down that road. What do you think?

A Fresh New Look for my Stools | Inspired by Charm

In other news, you’ll notice I have a different Christmas tree in my office. My vintage-inspired tree has been moved to the dining room and this space has a new tree which I’m hoping to get decorated tomorrow before stuffing my face with food.

A Fresh New Look for my Stools | Inspired by Charm

Speaking of tomorrow, I want to wish you and yours a very happy Thanksgiving! I’ll meet you back here on Friday!

This post was created as part of my collaboration with Glidden. As always, the thoughts and ideas are my own.

Disclosure: This blog post may contain affiliate links as part of the Amazon Services LLC Associate Programs and other affiliate services. This means that inspiredbycharm.com receives a small commission by linking to Amazon.com and other sites at no cost to the readers.

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  • Jeanette at

    I vote for dipped! A little spot of color would sure look nice I think. The stools look great! Excited to see what your new tree theme will be. Happy Thanksgiving!

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      I still can’t decide. That’s what I was thinking but now that they are all white I’m not sure what to do. Once I get more of the space complete, I think I’ll know.

      xo Michael

  • Elle at

    Love ’em! They look spunky and ready for fun.

  • Cori at

    Michael, I love the white. I say leave em. I follow you on Pinterest an FB and love every post. You bring us such joy. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. You have much to be thankful for.

  • Chelsey at

    They look awesome! And now I’ve got the paint picked out to redo all my trim. Thanks so much for the tip!

  • Kris at

    I really love the clean, bright white of the stools and would leave them at that, but you have to live with them and I know you love the gold, so I say, do what makes your heart sing, Michael! Happy Thanksgiving!

  • debi at

    Amazing! Your paint job is superb, and I love the white!

    Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

  • erin at

    Looks great!! As I was reading your post, I was thinking “they would look good with the legs dipped in paint” then I got to the part where you covered that topic. LOL!! You should try it! if you don’t like it you can always paint it back to white!

  • Debbie Smith at

    If you want to embellish your living space with modern furnishing items then go for designer bar stools. Today, you will find various modern and sleek designer bar stools which can make your interior look smart and spacious.

  • Roni Faida at

    I think the white is lovely just as it is. Those turned out so well!

  • Hollie @ I'm Busy Procrastinating at

    I read about people spray painting barstools occasionally, and I can’t imagine that holds up. But using oil-based paint from the can (thicker than oil-based spray paint) hopefully will do the trick.

    I have some metal bar stools in a muddy shade of blue. I’m considering painting them, but rather than using regular spray paint, I’m looking into appliance paint. It’s supposed to be very durable and you can use cleaners on it as well. It only comes in white, black and bisque. I’d prefer a vibrant blue, but black is my second choice. Just waiting to confirm I’m really ready to get rid of the blue before I go for it!

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