A Few Personal Goals for 2013


Well, I finally managed to write down my goals for this new year. To be honest, I’m a bit excited for 2013. Like lots of folks, I have some grand hopes for this year. This is also the year I turn the big 3-0. While many people cringe at the thought, I’m actually looking forward to my thirties with great optimism. I have great expectations for the next ten years. But as they say, you have to work for your goals and make your own dreams happen. I’m ready.

I came up with five goals that I would like to focus on in 2013. While I have many ideas and areas to consider, these seem to encapsulate the majority of them. These goals are pretty personal, but I decided to share them here with the whole world anyway. Nothing like putting yourself out there, right?

So for what it’s worth, here they are.

Inspired By Charm

Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. Whenever something really good or really bad happens in my life, I tend to focus only on that one thing. For example, if I’m working on a project or a new recipe and it flops, my mind is somehow programmed to see just that negative event. I tend to forget all the other wonderful, positive, and amazing things happening in my life. I suppose this makes me a pessimist, even though I would tend to disagree with that. This goal also means that just because one thing, good or bad, is happening that I can’t focus on or do anything else. Do you ever get something stuck in your head that makes it seem impossible to do or think about anything else? This happens to me way too often. I end up wasting a great deal of time and energy worrying about things that will most likely never happen. This leads me to goal number two.

Inspired By Charm

Be present. If there is one goal that I really need to accomplish, this is it. I have mentioned it here before, but I am a worrier. As we all know, worrying isn’t the most productive thing we can do. I know I spend too much time over-analzying, over-thinking, and over-reacting. So, the goal here is to learn from the past, plan for the future, and enjoy today. Instead of thinking about an important meeting tomorrow while watching the newest episode of Downton Abbey, I will turn my brain off, enjoy every minute of the show, and then plan for the meeting afterwards. Or viceversa. You get it. I think being present is a huge key to living a happier life. Life can be tough and challenging. That’s why it’s so important to hang on to and enjoy those beautiful and happy moments that we have. Those memories make the challenges just a little bit more bearable. 

Inspired By Charm

Live with intention. Though I may hide it a bit here on the blog, I am a waster of time. I often find myself complaining that there are not enough hours in the day. Then, a moment later, I find myself wasting time on frivolous things that really offer no value or enrichment to my life. While I’d like to blame social media for this, it ultimately rests on my shoulders. Although some of that “wasted time” is good, most of it is kind of silly. Basically, I hope to do things more intentionally – to not waste time on foolish things, to do things with purpose. I hope to spend more time accomplishing goals and projects than on planning or researching them. Living with intention for me also means finding a better work / life balance. I have given myself fully to my career over the past five years; it’s now time to cut myself a little slack and enjoy other things in life.

Inspired By Charm

Love myself. If I can’t do this, how in the hell am I going to love somebody else? Or expect someone else to love me. This goal has several meanings. First, I am awesome and I am enough. You are, too. We all are. It’s it about darn time we start believing it. At the end of the day, all each of us has is who we are. We might as well love that person. Secondly, I need and want to take care of my body. It’s been good to me, so I need to return the favor. Finally, for years now I have for some silly reason shied away from finding someone to share my life with. While I’m so grateful and appreciative for all the wonderful things in my life, something is still missing. I’m now, more than ever fully aware what that something is. Thankfully, I’ve been able to build a great life, a warm home, and a successful career for myself. Now, I just need to find someone to share it with. It’s about time. Any applicants? Seriously. 

Inspired By Charm

Fall forward. There is a 99% chance I am going to fail at all of these goals several times throughout this new year. That’s okay. The important things is to fall forward. I need to learn from my mistakes, pick myself up, and continue on. Mistakes make us stronger and smarter. No matter how hard we try to avoid them, some are inevitable. Plus, if you are making mistakes, you are putting yourself out there, doing something, trying new things … living. So this year, I will fall. But I will fall forward. 

So that’s it, my personal goals for 2013! What are you focusing on in 2013?

Inspired By Charm

Inspired By Charm Inspired By Charm Inspired By Charm Inspired By Charm Inspired By Charm Inspired By Charm Inspired By Charm Inspired By Charm

This post first appeared on Inspired by Charm on 1/8/2013.

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  • Jaimee @ Craft, Interrupted at

    This is such a fantastic post. Well said, friend! And those plaid shirt-front graphics are the bomb! Cheers to a good 2013!

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      Thank you!! Thank you!! – The shirts are right out of my closet. #plaidobsessed 🙂

  • Gillian at

    All wonderful, wonderful intentions and so elequently stated. As a complete waster of time myself (in my personal life), I’d suggest you now document HOW you will achieve those goals, put down some strategies or steps….THAT’s what most people forget and they fail because there aren’t any direct steps.

    You have noted some things in each category, perhaps note what you’ve achieved in those areas each week? Then you’ll see how you are going and can celebrate your achievements as you go.

    As for the loving yourself….well….I have no idea why people aren’t beating down the door to spend time with you Michael, and from what I’ve seen of comments in the past you might just be inundated. If you aren’t I have a friend…. she’s a little older….and lives in Australia …. but she sounds like a female version of you!

  • Brandy~GreyLaneHome at

    You put it so wonderfully. These are such incredible goals. Love the photos and since I am a sucker for romance I think goal #4 is absolutely the sweetest. Have a Great 2013.

  • Renee Caron :: creatingHOME at

    Michael, you’re like my little blogger brother and I adore you, your positive energy (I think you’re really a total and complete OPTIMIST at heart), kindness to all and brilliant creativity. 2013 is your year, keep forging ahead! Big virtual hug headed your way, brace yourself <3

  • Jocelyn and Bryan at

    This is a great new years post. These are attainable, with work. And constant self awareness. I think I’ll be adapting some of these goals for my own.

  • Jessica Kielman at

    I probably needed this post as much as you did. Thank you for the wonderful words of wisdom, and the reminder to live a little!

  • Deidra "Dee Dee" Roe at

    Great job Michael! Love that you put this info. out there- so many can relate, especially myself! I love to hear that you are not perfect and that you have areas that you struggle in- because it makes you human and real and relateable! It gives us other humans hope, thank you!!! I wish you the very BEST in 2013 and know you can do anything that you set your heart & mind on! I look forward to falling forward with you!

  • Tonya @ Love of Family And Home at

    This is such a beautiful & well written post!! I love that you shared your heart & got so personal with us today! I think you have a great set of goals for 2013 and I know that you will work hard to attain them! Your success is a direct reflection of your hard work & this past year has been pretty amazing for you! Congratulations on a fabulous 2012 & best wishes for 2013 Michael!!

    p.s. I LOVE those plaid shirt graphics! Brilliant!

  • StephCreative at

    Michael, you are just too awesome for words. 🙂

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      Too sweet. Thank you. 🙂

  • handmade_mama at

    Brilliant, friend. Hey, I just had a thought. Maybe we could get together and waste time and worry about stuff sometime, because those are two of my favorite things to do, too, and I am very, very good at doing them :/ I would also like to apply to come be your live-in companion, but I don’t think that’s what you had in mind. Love, love, love <3

  • ashley @ the handmade home at

    I can relate all too well to all of these. These are perfect. And I love your graphics. I totally put all my eggs in one basket, and I’ve never really thought of it that way before. Thank you. My new phrase when I go all weird and perfectionist on mahself. ;}

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      I suppose we all need a reality check every once and a while. 🙂

  • Heather at

    Fall forward. I have never heard this phrase before. I love it!

  • Danielle at

    Love the shirt graphics….and I pray you find someone to share your life with…it is what matters most…for they will support you in the rest.

  • Funky Junk Interiors at

    Wild applause from the junk peanut gallery here! So honest and you are so right in every way. These apply to all of us. I’ve added your post link to the bottom of my own ‘boring goal post’ today. 🙂 Great minds…

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      You are so sweet Donna! I love applause from the ‘junk peanut gallery’ – it’s the best kind.

  • Beth@Unskinny Boppy at

    Great post. I’ll fall forward into 2013 with you! We are all in this together.

  • Heidi @ Moms Crafty Space at

    Thanks so much for putting this out there! I really need to follow your lead and do something like this for myself. It’s so simple for me to post tutorials and crafts and decor, but when it comes to getting personal I always clam up…yet these kinds of personal posts are what I love most about everyone else’s blog! Love your goals for 2013, and I’m pretty sure that this is going to be your year! 🙂

  • Anonymous at

    I love your goals…and I feel like they all could aply to my life as well! I’m going to try to stop worrying so much this year too. Good luck w/ #4. You are quite the catch, and I think anyone would be lucky to have you!

  • Danylle McLain at

    GREAT goals. Fall forward is by far my favorite! I also love your use of shirts for these, such a creative genius. Here’s to a happy, healthy 2013, may we reach our goals or at least fall forward,eh? 🙂

  • Jeanettebr at

    these are great goals…and so much of it applies to myself. One of my intentions this year is mindful living and that encompassed several of your ideas. Being in the moment and not wasting time on things (or people) that really do not matter and less talking, more doing (falling forward on your list) just putting yourself out there and doing whatever it is knowing that you may fail and that failures are only how you look at them. Failure isnt a dirty word…its a chance to learn and grow and to become stronger. Happy 2013 to you Michael…you are enough and you are awesome!

  • Kathleen at

    I love your goals. Can I just copy them? No….Seriously!

  • Nicole Carpenter at

    Oh, my..heavens. I was expecting to see ‘conquer the world’ because you are so capable but these are all true to your words, personal. I LOVE this so much that I am going to incorporate it into my life as well. I especially am fond of that quote, I have heard it before. You are far to precious of a soul to not share that with someone.

  • Vanessa at

    Hi, Michael

    These words are brilliant! You are brilliant, thanks for sharing.


  • terrid614 at

    michael~i think these are all excellent goals and i think many of us can appreciate the truth in every one of them! i, too believe that 2013 going to be a fabulous year as well. i am super excited about new changes in my life and the future. i think sometimes we are just way too hard on ourselves! enjoy 2013 to the best of your ability and never look back. i firmly believe, the best is yet to come! happy 2013!!!

  • ImSoVintage at

    These are excellent goals and really ones we should all live by. The loving oneself is very important because the other things you mentioned will tend to fall in place once you do that.


  • MelissaD at

    Thanks for posting these – I needed the reminder myself, especially #2 and #3. I too am a worrier and tend to forget to enjoy the present as I’m stressing about what might happen in the future.
    And another thumbs up for the great plaid shirt graphics 🙂

  • thediynurse at

    Wow. It’s like we’re the same person… almost.

    I also have a hard time accepting failure. Or whatever you want to call it. I get so upset when something doesn’t go as planned. But I have tried to see it as a learning experience or maybe God doesn’t want that for me. Maybe he has another plan [what the hell is it?!?!].

    And living in the moment. So much easier said than done. We have had some major medical drama in my family [my nephew was in a serious car accident]. There’s nothing like that to make you think twice before complaining. To really soak up the moments with your family, even when they’re being obnoxious. They won’t always be there to be annoying [and neither will you!]

    I hope you accomplish your goals- they’re inspiring ones. And as for the love one… just put yourself out there. When it’s meant to be, when you’re not looking, it will happen.

    Good luck!

  • Janice at

    I love this post, great goals to have! I have settled on a word of the year because I am not very good at keeping goals or resolutions. I choose the word “Progress” in hope that I will at least make progress in my resolution and goals for 2013 and not feel guilty if I don’t actually complete or follow through with all of them! Her eis my New Years Post: http://primouthouse.blogspot.com/2013/01/new-years-resolution-word-of-year-2013.html

  • Ashleigh at

    Michael- I just discovered your blog by way of pinterest! It is so awesome! I knew from reading this post, I had to follow and stay a while! And I’m so glad I did! You goals are truly inspiring. I could go on and on about how I relate to each one of them, but just know that your post meant a lot to me! Thank-you thank-you!

  • Kelly at

    Michael, you are truly inspiring! I’ve never really made resolutions in the past, but decided to this year. Here’s to more of us “falling forward”, learning from it, having fun with it and getting back up to continue with our wonderful lives!

  • The Katydid at

    LOVED this blog Michael…And you are an inspiration! I write a daily blog and have since November of 2009. At the start of this year…I started a project “Make 2013 Your Best Year Yet” and I set way too many goals for myself…My life was swamped already and all I did was smother myself…hahaha You say you’re entering your 30’s…and I’m midway thru my 60’s….Life is truly a wonderful journey…good luck with yours http://www.birdseyeviewoftheworldofthekatydid.blogspot.com

  • jam at

    Great post, Michael! I really enjoyed reading (and seeing) these goals. I think they are inspirational for anyone! I didn’t set 2013 resolutions or goals but am trying to focus on one word – pause – that will help me think clearly, act with intention and enjoy the moment (fingers crossed!). All the best!

  • Heidi at

    Love this post and the introspect…Particularly love living with intention and fall forward. I enjoy your blog, pinterest pins! You motivate through it all and it is well respected and appreciated! I may “steal” your list until I find my own, but yours are great for everyone…praying for your intentions in achieving each of these! Thank you for sharing!

  • Averie @ Averie Cooks at

    This is such a great list and set of goals. Not putting all my eggs in one basket and getting stuck in my own head while I’m there…oh can I relate. And being present for life. Not just being so busy rushing here and there and everywhere and forgetting to notice the simple things and taking time for them, I need to work on that. Such a well composed list that I can relate to!

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