Thank you so much for all the shelf love the past few days. I’m glad you all are liking it. I have a feeling I will be playing around with them over and over again. Design is a journey, not a destination. 

Anyway, I wanted to share some of the other fabulous Threshold finds that I added to the rest of the space. Can you spot any?

Inspired By Charm

First, I wanted another table lamp for this room. As much as I love my overhead light, I actually tend to prefer using table lamps verse overhead lights. If you need a table lamp and love making your own combination of base and shade, head to Target. The Threshold collection is particularly awesome. It even has a little size guide to tell you which base first which shade. So smart!

Inspired By Charm

To tie in some of the wood elements, I found modern tripod-inspired wood based. I paired it with a gray herringbone shade. The combination looks perfect. It also add a touch of masculine energy to the room.

Inspired By Charm

You’ll may have also noticed a few new things in the background.

Inspired By Charm

I feel in love with these glass terrariums and their little black boxes. These are probably one of my most favorite purchases for quite some time. 

Inspired By Charm

I just added a few black stones, also from Threshold, and tucked in a couple of my new air plants (more details on those coming soon).  Super simple. 

Inspired By Charm

 I thought about planting some succulents inside of them, but I always have the worst luck with those things. Moisture builds up in the jar, the plants die, and they are a pain to keep clean and looking fresh. In my opinion air plants are the way to go.

Inspired By Charm

So that’s it, a little living room update. What do you think? It’s still a work in progress. I need something for the windows. I have a few blank walls that are in some serious need of art or decorating. I also need to do something about that dresser I showed you last week. Yikes. But progress is progress and I am well on my way.

Inspired By Charm

A big thanks to the awesome folks at Target for supplying me with these beautiful Threshold products at no cost in exchange for my review. Please note that the opinions, thoughts and ideas listed above are my own. I really do love and recommend these products. 

Disclosure: This blog post may contain affiliate links as part of the Amazon Services LLC Associate Programs and other affiliate services. This means that receives a small commission by linking to and other sites at no cost to the readers.

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  • Kim Grey at

    Your lounge looks great! The new lamp really adds a grounding touch, and I love those little terrariums and air plants. Your whole colour scheme looks lovely, too.

  • wandy269 at

    Ok where did the lion come from?! I’m in love!!!!!

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      Isn’t he cute!? I found him at Pier1 last fall.

  • at

    Very nice additions! I love the Threshold line and recently picked up some frames. A lot of it is on clearance now. Double fun!

  • Gwen at

    I love that tripod lamp…and the colors are fantastic!!!

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      Me too! Thanks so much Gwen!

  • Jessica at

    I love how the classic wing chair mixes with all the modern elements…you are so talented!

  • Anonymous at

    I just purchased my first air plants b/c of you! I have always thought they were too weird/alien looking, but you have changed my mind. Can’t wait for them to arrive!

  • Tabitha at

    Whats that red accent table over by the wing-back chair (behind the ceramic garden stool)? Is it a stool you painted?

  • Sarah at

    In LOVE with the aqua cart/shelf! Where is that from?

    This room is lovely.

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      Thanks so much Sarah. It’s actually a piece I found at a local antique shop. As soon as I saw it, I knew it was one of those pieces that had to come home with me.

      xo Michael

  • Linda Leyble at

    Hi Michael – I love how you added these Target items to yiur room. One would never guess where they came from…very clever. I especially love the terrariums. Can’t wait to hear about the air plants! I have been known to kill a few beautiful plants in my time (orchids never last in my house!)…so I think that these air plants just might stand a chance in my home!



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