First, thank you so much for joining me on the 12 Days of Christmas these past couple weeks! It was a pleasure to create and share some holiday inspiration here on IBC. I sincerely hope you enjoyed it and picked up an idea or two (or twelve!).

Since I’ve been focused on the holidays lately, I haven’t had a chance to tell you about a couple changes around my house. While I alluded to (and showed) them in my Holiday Home Tour, I didn’t actually explain them.

Sidenote: I still plan on giving you a tour of my upstairs. I know I’ve been promising that for a while. I just can’t get it together. If I don’t manage it this week (I’m aiming for Friday.), then I’ll have something up on Monday.

The two changes I wanted to talk about today are in my entryway and office area. Let’s start with the entry.

A Few Changes |

Remember back in November when I changed my entryway color from yellow to gray? Well, I decided that gray color just didn’t work. Whomp. Whomp. While it was a beautiful color, it wasn’t right for the space and didn’t play nicely with the surrounding rooms. (Some of you probably saw this coming.)

A Few Changes |

So, to lighten things up, I painted the entry Heron Plume from Sherwin Williams. It’s definitely a safer color, but sometimes safe is exactly what you need.

A Few Changes |

A Few Changes |

It makes this entryway brighter which in turn makes it feel more welcoming. Plus, having a more neutral / less saturated color makes decorating (especially for the holidays) easier.

A Few Changes |

After I hung a few Christmas decorations on the brass hooks in this area, I knew this color was meant to be. Third time’s a charm, right?

Moving on, you also may have noticed on my home tour that I did a little table swap in my office.

A Few Changes |

I used to have a big wood island / workstation. (You can see it here in my Fall Home Tour.) I’d been struggling with this piece for a while. Way back when, the island functioned as a counter in my gift shop. When I transitioned this space into my office, it was important to me to repurpose the island. I also thought it would function well in the space.

However, as time passed, I realized it wasn’t suiting my needs or its purpose. I rarely used it for work because it was too tall for a photography surface. As a result, it became a magnet for clutter and overflow items. That’s when I knew it needed to go.

A Few Changes |

I’d been thinking about this mid-century table from West Elm for a while as a suitable replacement. Just before Thanksgiving there was a big sale, and since I also had a coupon, I pulled the trigger.

A Few Changes |

A Few Changes |

I am thrilled with the change. I’ve used the table more for photoshoots in the past few weeks than I ever used the other piece. Visually, it takes up less space and more sunlight can come into room since it doesn’t block the windows. Also, when I have fancy board meetings with my staff, it will come in handy. (And by “board meetings with my staff,” I mean when I use treats to trick my cats into sitting in the chairs with me so we can justify purchasing another dining table for a home that already has one.)

A Few Changes | table

During my holiday home tour, I used some clear acrylic chairs since these chairs did not make it here on time. These bad boys are the Nuevo Side Chair from AllModern. Having a white table, I wanted to bring some natural wood tones into this space, and these turned out to be a perfect option. I love how they look with the table.

A Few Changes |

The only thing I might change is the fabric on the seats. Right now it’s black, and I’m not sure black is the best choice. I’m thinking a grey velvet or microfiber might be better. Who knows. I’ll let you know when I figure it out.

I will admit that I also liked the acrylic chairs. I only have two of them so I moved them around the table when I was taking pictures, but they worked in a way I hadn’t anticipated. You just never know!

A Few Changes |

Of course I love the wood because it ties in nicely with the blinds and floors. Both options work well; I suppose I just need to figure out what I like best.

A Few Changes |

And yes, for those of you who are wondering, my hanging chair was replaced by a tree. The hanging chair is currently hiding out up in my attic. It will most likely return after the holidays.

A Few Changes |

With that, my friends, consider yourself updated. What are your thoughts about the changes?

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  • Allie | Baking a Moment at

    I absolutely love the new color in your entry! It’s so airy and it’s gorgeous with the brass hooks + all the red pops. And that table and chairs are a perfect fit for the space!

  • Lisa at

    I love the new table and chairs and think the seats would look great reupholstered. I am digging Nate Berkus’ Clestre Paramount in Pearl Gray. ?

  • girlfromwva at

    Love the entry wall color. I think microfiber on the chairs would be great. Pet hairs are easily gotten off it (for when the cats are expected to attend your meetings).

  • Poppy at

    I have to admit–I loved your big workstation, but I can see how it can become a magnet for clutter. The star of this room, I think, is that beautiful, antique pink dresser. I just love that! Always have! Glad that your hanging chair is coming back, too. Is it comfortable? I’ve thought about buying one for a couple of years now and didn’t want to drop too much cash if it wasn’t comfy. Anyway, your house is always amazing and I’m eager to see the upstairs! XO

  • Ardith at

    Merry Christmas, Michael, and thank you for sharing your wonderfully festive holiday decorations and 12 Days of creativity. Cheers, Ardith

  • Donna at

    Love your decorating style. Classic and current, beautifully colourful and comfortable. It doesn’t even look “decorated”. Just lovely. I’ve brought your blog to my daughters attention and she loves it too! She signed right up for your mailing list! Merry Christmas Micheal.

  • Karen at

    Love your style!! Where did you get the red metal baskets in the entry way? I love those. I am doing red accents in my house (not just for Christmas).

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      They were from Target a few years ago. Unfortunately, I don’t think they sell them anymore.

      xo Michael

  • el at

    where did you purchase the round foyer rug (natural with black design) pictured on your blog….love it

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      It’s from West Elm. 🙂

      xo Michael

  • Mary at

    So fresh and beautiful! Is your light in the foyer a DIY? It would be great in a tricky spot I have.

  • Chloe | Boxwood Avenue at

    I have to agree with Poppy, that pink dresser is the STAR! She’s gorgeous. Love the changes!

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