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owning my own business, a bed and breakfast no less, has been a dream come true. yes, there are days when i want to run down the street screaming or sit in a dark corner and cry like a baby (i guess that comes with any job), but all and all it is amazing and i feel very lucky and fortunate to do what i do.

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 nate berkus

i have a ‘plan’ and unofficial goals as to how long i want to do what i’m doing. i also have ideas for what i want to do next. no, i’m not going to be an innkeeper forever. and yes, eventually i’d like to live somewhere where the nearest mall isn’t an hour and a half away (a good restaurant is also a must).

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eddie ross

for as long as i can remember i’ve always loved designing things. creating things. i often wish i would have went to school for design rather than hospitality management. certain thoughts kept me from going that direction, but that’s neither here nor there. everything happens for a reason and i’m happy with my journey thus far. no regrets.

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matthew mead

thankfully, i’m surrounded by a few inspiring men that have created a career, business or empire from their passion for design and beautiful things. the crafting and ‘design blogging’ world seems to be heavily dominated by women (who, without saying, are amazingly talented beyond any doubt), so it’s refreshing to find a couple men out their doing their thing.

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david bromstad

these men, nate berkus … matthew mead … eddie ross … the barnhouse boys … david bromstad (and probably many more i had yet to truly discover) constantly inspired me to pursue this passion i have for styling, design, creation. if they can do it, so can i. i’m not one to pat myself of the back … and i’m sure that my ‘talent’ doesn’t hold a candle to the work that these men have created, but given the chance i think i could hold my own.

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so while i continue to live my dream of being the best and most amazing innkeeper i can be, i want to start looking towards a future dream too. how i’m going to achieve this dream … or if i’m going to be any good at it is yet to be determined. but i do think that if we all followed our dreams and did what we loved, this world would be a different place.

if you have any advice … if you do what you love … if you are a designer/stylist/creator/artist by trade i would love to hear from you. comment below. email me. all advice is good advice.

if not, what is your dream job? what is stopping you from achieving that dream? or what plans/goals to you have in place to achieve your dream(s)?

and thanks for listening to me ramble for a bit.

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  • Danielle at

    GOOD FOR YOU! It’s so hard to remain true to oneself. You have a great eye for design. That’s evident in your posts and projects!

  • Mrs. Adventure at

    Its nice to take a look around, see how far you come, and where you want to take your journey… I can’t wait to follow yours you are so talented (and happen to make the best blueberry jam ever).

  • Krista at

    i hope you continue to aim high, you’ve already done such great things..and i know theres so much more to come!

  • jandjhome at

    Hi, I just got your comment. Thank you. I can’t wait to explore your blog. I’m going to try to link up with Kim’s blog, will be my first try at that.

  • The Kramer Angle at

    Good for you! I honestly think the first real step is voicing our dream “out loud” which you just did! I did the same thing about two years ago and it’s amazing how it’s come true and gets bigger every day!

    Good luck!


  • OurSoundHome at

    Just found your blog and so glad I did!! I am looking forward to reading back about your bed& breakfast. I agree that voicing your dreams is a huge step toward making them happen! Thanks for sharing with us!

  • Le at

    Thank you for your blog, it´s lovely!!!
    I´m sure yours dreams come truth.
    In Spain (Europe) we say:
    “Way is done on having walked”
    Good luck in your projects:
    Psychologist, teacher, mother, creative and blogger

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