a double dose of progress


is next week seriously the first of november? tell me it isn’t so!

this week is kind of a crunch for me, a good crunch though. why? well, october 31st is the deadline for my submission for FOLK, issue III. This month has been a complete blur for me. while i’ve been working on my projects here and there, i haven’t really been able to turn up the music and dive in.

Inspired By Charm

i had a slower day on sunday and finally finished up a big portion of the project this afternoon. phew! feels good. and i’m thrilled with the results. i wish i could share more (and i will after the issue is released), but for now, i’ll have to keep you in suspense.

Inspired By Charm

in other news, my bottles arrived today for my vanilla extract making project.

Inspired By Charm

i used twenty-four vanilla beans, 12 8oz bottles, and about 3 liters of vodka. now, all i have to do is practice patience. i guess i’ll have to distract myself with more projects.

speaking of projects, do you have some great things to share on thursday? don’t forget, it’s the first of many thrifty thursdays!

Inspired By Charm

please spread the word. the fun will begin at 7PM!

Inspired By Charm

Inspired By Charm

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  • Lili at

    You are always so busy creating exciting things for us to see. I’ve always wanted to do the vanilla extract too. Those beans look so cool in your jars! ~Lili

  • Mollie D at

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