After days, and days of potting, which I was looking forward to all winter, beautiful gardens fill small and large terra cotta pots scattered about Old Charm. Have a look…. 20 plus pots clutter my side porch about to spill over with herbs. I love picking fresh mint in the morning to place on fruit and yogurt parfaits. yum.

My geraniums. You remember. I picked my favorites and put them in their own little pots. Their scattered around with the herbs waiting to show their color amongst all the green.


What’s better than terra cotta? Aged terra cotta. This was a result of miracle grow.


Pineapple mint… in a drink… on fresh strawberries…. wrapped on goat cheese. wow…yum.

A perennial I planted last year by seed. What’s it called? I have no idea… but their beautiful.

Yum. My first time planting strawberries, and in a strawberry pot. They look so wonderful… and delicious.

A sunny yellow petunia. Planted from seed. Reminds me of the moon.


A perennial. I believe it’s called Wallflower. Sure stands out to me!

Hope you enjoyed the garden.

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