so i’m still somehow stuck in my little funk. i have literally done nothing ‘inspired’ for like two weeks! crazy, right?

a huge thank you to everyone that is hanging in there with me. i promise to have more quilt updates, room updates and maybe some new signs asap.
also, my cold is still hanging on for dear life. going on day’s amazing how much a cold can affect your mood and then how much your mood can affect your motivation. for a brief moment yesterday i felt some sense of relief, but it was short lived. i guess this is just a good excuse to pamper myself and take it easy.

i also thought my computer was going to give out on me. for the past week pictures and videos were taking forever to load. i felt like i was on dial-up again or something. i could barely get through two posts in my google reader before pictures wouldn’t load. it was terrible. turns out my ‘entire area’ was having internet problems. that was finally resolved yesterday and things seems back to normal.

so after going through 500 posts in reader while watching this movie (which is truly wonderful and inspired and happy – highly recommend. [and the house that most of the movie was filmed in is beyond stunning and beautifully decorated]) i was feeling a bit inspired. so i figured i share a little bit of it with you. so, as most of my truly random posts go, here’s a bit of everything.

i was overwhelmed by this post from the lovely jek over at scrumdillydilly. some people have such a magical way with words. i am not one of those people. i often have a really hard time describing what i’m feeling, which is why i often look to music or the written word to describe it for me. make sense?

here’s a couple lines for her passage, but go give it a read if you have a moment.

“there is simply not enough time to do what i want to do. what i wish to do. even with all this time i have, there is not enough time. for someone else, there may be heaps and bounds and oodles of time but for me and the cacophony that is in my head, there is not enough. i wish i had a quiet mind. it’s loud in here, in the noggin that is mine. there are thoughts and words and songs and colors. …. all of this, and that and that, and that keeps me from doing. from DOING. i am so panicked by the idea of losing these thoughts that i sit and breathe deeply all closed eyes and fists. i make lists and lose lists and make new lists that get lost all over again. … i wish i had an idea. a good idea. just a single idea. i have many, many that may be good or great or brilliant but they are so loud i cannot focus…”

beautiful right? jek – if you are reading this, this was a quite, brilliant moment. thank you!

i’m loving this video on youtube.

if you watch the clock, you can see how much time to process took. but totally genius, right? love it.

i’ve recently discovered this blog via this blog. i love it. just love it. there’s no amazing projects or inspiring images. but there is a blogger with an amazing way with words. and photos. surreal and beautiful. love this recent post, so honest.

i made this pasta for dinner last night.



it was cheap. it was easy. and friends, it was delicious. beyond delicious.




and that’s all i have for today. i’m going to go get some wine, eat some leftover pasta and start making some lists.


the forecast for tomorrow … sunny.

source unknown



it’s about time.


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  • homepodge at

    I love that bookcase video! Hope you feel better soon 🙂

  • ancient one at

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • kpaints at

    What a wonderful post…it says a lot about where you are coming from…I think you are getting better! Fun video too!
    Let the sun shine in!

  • John'aLee at

    Hope you are feeling better!
    Just a hint….I started buying books on ‘writing’ and started studying the craft. It is fascinating and has been really helpful with my blog.

  • Cecilia Hanna, at

    Hi Michael, What a hap-hap-happy happenstance you are. 🙂 (I just visited the scrumdillydilly blog you suggested, can you tell?)

    Just wanted to say hello and introduce myself. I first discovered you on Pinterest because I clicked your I Quote board and just loved it so I clicked to follow you.

    Today I discovered the “There in the sunsine” pin which I repinned on my “Note to Self” board and decided to click to check out the blog as I sometimes do. There are so many lovely ones out there, but I was like “Hey! That’s Michael!” tee hee We are good friends you see. 😉

    I tried to do the blog thing a couple of years ago, but didn’t stay motivated. Last September I started a new inspirational/motivational/feel good FB page which has really gotten me motivated to dip my toe back into the blogging world one day.

    My Facebook page is Good Juju and I just clicked LIKE on your FB page. I hope to connect with you in FB land one day. Feel better soon so you can frolick in the sunshine. 🙂

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