4 Tips to Make Holiday Cards Extra Special

I don’t know about you, but I really enjoy sending and receiving holiday cards. I especially love it because today people are getting personal with their cards. Because of some pretty cool companies, we can now create completely custom cards with pictures of our friends, families, or in my case, an ornament from my tree.

Christmas Cards | Inspired by Charm #IBCholiday

This year I got my cards from a company called Minted. I was super impressed with all of their designs and style choices. They truly fit my personality. So much so, that I was almost tempted to order several different types of cards. They even have customizable wrapping paper. It’s pretty much the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. And again, the designs are out-of-this-world awesome.

Christmas Cards | Inspired by Charm #IBCholiday

So today, I thought I would share my holiday cards with you and give you four tips to make them stand out from the rest. Sound good?

I ended up choosing this gold-foil pressed card (Yes, my gold obsession can be found in my Christmas cards as well) and uploading a picture I took of my vintage-inspired tree. The combination was magical. Don’t you think? And as unique as these cards are on their own, I decided to give them a few embellishments to make them extra special.

Christmas Cards | Inspired by Charm #IBCholiday

First, I bought some $1 lottery tickets, and using a piece of coordinating washi tape, attached them to the back of the card. I’m pretty sure everyone loves the thrill of scratching off a lottery ticket, so this was just a fun little touch.

Christmas Cards | Inspired by Charm #IBCholiday

Second, I actually wrote a little message inside. I am honestly surprised (No offense to anyone.) how many cards I got this year had nothing written on them. I think it’s so important, even if it is generic, to write a little holiday message and sign the card. It just makes the card a little more personal.

Christmas Cards | Inspired by Charm #IBCholiday

Third, to bring the whole design together I added a strip of washi tape to the back of the card where the envelope is sealed. It’s fairly simple, but it adds a special touch and a fun pop of color and pattern.

Christmas Cards | Inspired by Charm #IBCholiday

Finally, I spent a little more on postage and ordered some vintage stamps from this fabulous Etsy shop to make the front of the card truly unique and different. I did end up spending more money to mail these, but the results speak for themselves. Adorable!

Christmas Cards | Inspired by Charm #IBCholiday

So those are my Christmas cards for 2013. What do you think? Do you send holiday cards? How do you make yours stand out?

Inspired By Charm

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  • Claire @ A Little Claireification at

    Beautiful, Michael. I love including a scratch of ticket too. The stamps are perfect – great idea and pinning for next year! Merry Christmas! xo

  • Amanda at

    I LOVE that you write a message too. It is so important and I wish everyone would, at the very least, SIGN THEIR NAME! 🙂 Your ideas are just lovely.


    P.S. Is my card in the mail? 😉

  • Piper at

    Love this Michael…especially the vintage stamps…I want to be on your Christmas card mailing list!!

  • Shari at

    LOVE!! What awesome vintage touches!!

    We also did personalized cards this year. We had a local pro photog do an outdoors family photo, then customized it with our message & our names. The design I chose made it so that those who wanted to keep our family photo could cut off the holiday greeting at the bottom & end up with a photo they could use throughout the year.

    The back of the cards had an abstract design, so I signed with bronze or silver sharpie, with a personalized message. I put the message, plus our names on half, then about halfway through, decided our name on both sides was redundant, so didn’t put the names on the rest. I can’t decide — what do you think?? LOL

    I also used the bronze & silver sharpies on the envelopes (even on the return addresses — go me!!) and finally, sealed them with a monogrammed wax seal stamp. It was time consuming, but I truly did enjoy it, and I agree, the extra special touches matter!

  • Jamie at

    I hope all of yor friends and family appreciate the effort you put into their special cards. So many people aren’t sending cards at all, and most of those that do, (as you said) sign their name to a generic card. I am all about the special details in life and love seeing that someone has put a little thought and effort into a basic holiday task. Amazing ideas as always, Michael. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas holiday!

  • Janet St. at

    I love your cards!

    I never thought of ordering cards with a cute Christmas decor scene on them! I thought the custom photo Minted cards was an exclusive for people with cute babies. Hooray! You have opened up a world of possibilities. The idea of enclosing a lottery ticket is so much fun and I had no idea you could buy the interesting out of print postage stamps. You just never run out of ideas.

    I’m inspired by everything you post! Thanks, Michael!

  • Design Chic at

    Your cards are wonderful – love the vintage inspired tree and yes, a personal note is the best! Thanks for all of the inspiration this holiday season and we’re thrilled to be your newest follower and add you to our “blogs we love” list!!

  • Karen at

    I absolutely adore your Christmas cards Michael and ALL of you special touches. I also ordered my cards from Minted this year and couldn’t be more pleased with the results. I even wrote a special notte, hand signed all of my cards AND addressed them in ink. No preprinted stickers here. Lol. No offense to anyone I’m always happy to get a card from someone during these busy days. Also wanted you to know I’m totally hearing all of your fun vintage finds. Merry Christmas!

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