I am so excited to share today’s post with you. A couple weeks ago, thanks to the fabulous folks at BlogHer, I was contacted by Shutterfly to check out their home décor products.


To be honest, I never realized the variety Shutterfly had when it came to home décor. After checking out their collection, I was more than excited to try their website and products. I wouldn’t consider myself a professional photographer, but photography is definitely one of my hobbies. Over the past few years I have collected a dozen or so photos that I love and hope to incorporate as artwork into my space.


As much as I shop at home stores and discount stores, the artwork section in such places always leaves me a bit disappointed. While some of their products could definitely work in a space, they lack uniqueness and individuality. I believe that artwork can often make or break a space. To me, the best artwork is deeply personal. When I hang pieces on my wall, I want them to be totally unique and maybe even a little unexpected or surprising, not mass-produced. I think photos are one of those elements that really make a house feel like a home. Thanks to Shutterfly, I’m able to achieve that look.


Typically, it takes me a couple months to find the perfect location for artwork, so I’m going to show you what I received and where it is now. I will probably change this a dozen times until I find that spot that really sings. Does anyone else do this?


The first things I ordered from Shutterfly were a few of their canvas prints. These pieces are amazing. It’s always so surreal to see my photographs turned into an actual piece of art. I used three different nature-inspired prints to create this look.


Beautiful, right? This would make a fabulous collection in a living room or dining room.


Each of these prints has special meaning to me, and I can remember exactly where I was when I took each one. I think this would be a perfect way to remember a special moment in your life, especially one shared with your family and friends.


Let’s get a little closer and take a look at the details. The quality, craftsmanship, and resolution are excellent!


Next, I ordered one of the Woven Blanket Photos. Let’s check it out.


Yes, you may remember that photo from my Ode to Oz display. It was one of my favorites, and having it printed on an actual blanket is seriously mind blowing!

I love it so much so that I even ordered one for my mom!


I assumed that it would just be printed on the blanket, but it’s actually woven with different pieces of colored thread. I used a high-resolution photo as suggested, and the detail is amazing. Perfect for a bedroom or to throw in a backpack for a picnic.

Next up, you all know how much I love my quotes. So, I picked one of my favorites and had it printed on a desktop plaque for my soon-to-be office.


I actually took that photograph with my iPhone, edited it in Instagram, and added the text with my word processing program.

The 5×5 inch size worked perfectly! Cell phone photography has come such a long way. This is an amazing way to remember those little, but important moments.


Last but not least, I decided to try something a little outside my comfort zone. Going a little more modern, I ordered one of Shutterfly’s Acrylic Prints. I was actually inspired to try this piece from my dinner in New York City and their acrylic-inspired artwork.


If you want to bring a touch of modern into your space without buying a hot pink acrylic coffee table shaped like a dog, then this is your solution!


I think this is an ideal way to add a little drama and a touch of modern to any space. I chose a photo of a sedum bud for my print. Talk about awesome artwork for a bathroom!


I love how this is hung with the four aluminum posts on each corner. Totally unique and unexpected.


Now it’s time for me to go move one of these fabulous pieces around my house until I find the perfect spot for all of them. What do you think? Which one is your favorite? What area of your house would you like to personalize with Shutterfly Home Décor Products?

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