Thanks to my friends at Apartment Guide and their fabulous Your Picks. Your Place. Sweepstakes. I’m back with another exciting giveaway!!

Inspired By Charm

In case you don’t remember, from now until August 14th, you can visit the Your Picks. Your Place. site to vote for your preferred room design (yes, I will shamelessly be begging you to vote for my design boards). Each vote automatically enters you to win a grand prize of $10,000! Yes, you heard me right $10,000!!! Plus there are eight weekly prizes of $250. Pretty amazing, right?

Inspired By Charm

To continue reading and enter to win a $100 Pottery Barn Gift Card CLICK HERE

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  • Nancy at

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • ktwhelan at

    I chose your room and shared it on FB! Good luck

  • Here's Why I'm Single at

    I voted for your office, it is fabulous! Love the colors. If I won, I’d find something at Pottery Barn in pink or green for my office.

  • Jay at

    I can honestly say, after viewing all the picks, I actually do prefer yours. This is fun — seeing the various choices for the same space. Thanks!

  • Rachel at

    Oh my; the lamp on your board from Pottery Barn is so cool! I love it! It would definitely be in the running if I won the gift card. 😉 (I voted for you!)

  • nursepenelope at

    I voted for your room, too. The desk and the tapestry were big deciding factors, I LOVE them!

  • carol jane at

    I voted for your room. If I won I would buy new sheets!

  • Ellen Clinton at

    I voted for your Southern Bungalow! Good luck!
    And if I win your Pottery Barn card, I will give it away as a wedding gift to my best friend getting married in about 10 weeks! I lost my job a few months ago and would LOVE to give her a big ol’ gift card!

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