Thanks to my friends at Apartment Guide and their fabulous Your Picks. Your Place. Sweepstakes. I’m back with another exciting giveaway!!

Inspired By Charm

In case you don’t remember, from now until August 14th, you can visit the Your Picks. Your Place. site to vote for your preferred room design (yes, I will shamelessly be begging you to vote for my design boards). Each vote automatically enters you to win a grand prize of $10,000! Yes, you heard me right $10,000!!! Plus there are eight weekly prizes of $250. Pretty amazing, right?

To continue reading and enter to win a $100 Target Gift Card CLICK HERE

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  • Cara Leckenby at

    Well, I live in a coastal town, and find that I’m somehow drawn to…imagine that! COASTAL DECOR! I voted along those lines, of course. I’ll go get pintweetfaced and come back…

  • Suzie at

    Voted! And I would soo use that target money for towels!

  • Christen at

    Voted! I would love a target card 🙂

  • Anonymous at

    Hi Michael,
    I just voted for you. Good Luck! If I should win, I would use the gift card to accessorize my living room.

  • Denise at

    voting was easy peasy. I would gift my beautiful niece who is starting college this fall! Thanks 🙂

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