being an innkeeper i’m always on the look out for yummy and unique muffin recipes. personally, i love sweets for breakfast, so having something freshly baked on my breakfast table is a must!

Inspired By Charm

after scouring the internet and pinterest i found the following collection of mouth watering muffins. i will absolutely be trying each of these and will report back with my favorites.

Inspired By Charm

monkey muffins via the pioneer woman 

Inspired By Charm

french breakfast muffins via velvet lava cafe 

Inspired By Charm

quick and easy cinnamon butter buns 

Inspired By Charm

kugelhopf breakfast rolls via theKitchn 

Inspired By Charm

chocolate sour cream muffins via the curvy carrot 

Inspired By Charm

cinnamon bubble buns via sprinkled with flour 

Inspired By Charm

glazed doughnut muffins via my baking addiction 

Inspired By Charm

pumpkin cream cheese muffins via the girl who ate everything 

Inspired By Charm

chocolate peanut butter swirl muffins via eat drink pretty 

Inspired By Charm

pumpkin doughnut muffins via ezra pound cake 

Inspired By Charm

inside out carrot cake muffins via king arthur flour 

Inspired By Charm

chocolate chip banana muffins via skinny taste 

Inspired By Charm

apple cinnamon roll muffins via homemade by holman 

Inspired By Charm

blueberry muffin top cookies via iowa girl eats 

Inspired By Charm

pumpkin cheesecake muffins via sugar cooking 

Inspired By Charm

cinnamon roll muffins via a dash of sass 

a huge thanks to all the amazing bloggers that created such beautiful and delicious confections! be sure to visit the rest of their sites for more cooking inspiration! 

so, which one of these muffins do you think looks the most delicious?

Inspired By Charm

Inspired By Charm   Inspired By Charm  Inspired By Charm

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  • Ann H at

    The apple cinnamon roll muffins and the inside out carrot cake muffins.

    I’m new to your blog and I love it!

  • ChRiS at

    who needs to look for recipes when we have you!!!!!! i’ll be checking these ALL out

  • Full Circle Creations at

    They all look great! But I think the cinnamon roll muffins would be the best.


  • Shanade at

    The chocolate chip sour cream muffins are pure heaven! They’ve been a favorite of mine since I pinned them. I’ll have to go try some of these others though… tasty looking!

  • Ali Richardson at

    Oh my! There is just no way I could decide. I want one of each (like…now).

  • collegemom at

    The link for the chocolate peanut butter muffins takes you to the glazed doughnut muffins…can you find the correct link? I want to make these!

  • allysgrandma at

    Omgosh where have you been all my life? Used to make the French breakfast puffs for my kids when they were younger. Got it from some 1980s circa cooking magazine.

  • Laura at

    hi michael, if i was staying at your inn i would love waking up to the cinnamon bubble buns! thanks for posting ~ laura

  • Anonymous at

    I have made the French breakfast muffins but added 1/3 cup of unsweetened Apple sauce and 1 diced Apple. Amazing! They certainly don’t last long in our house!

  • Kat Mortensen at

    You have officially kicked me back into a baking mode. Today I made my famous butter-tart squares, but these muffins will be gracing my table pronto!

  • Jay at

    i think i just fainted a little 🙂

  • Suzane at


  • Lilly at

    They look amazing!

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