wow! what a response! thank you to all the wonderful people that entered the giveaway and shared the FOLK love!! you guys rock!

Inspired By Charm

the two winners were chosen randomly via

Congratulations to:

Chas & Grace

and coincidently both of these lovely ladies are fellow bloggers too!

you can visit Chas at A Woman’s Haven and hang out with Grace over at Sense and Simplicity!

ladies, if you could please email me your mailing address ASAP so i can give it to the editor by tomorrow.

thanks again to everyone that entered. and below is just a reminder of some general information about getting your hands on a copy of this magazine. remember if you’d like issue two, christmas 2011, you must order tonight or tomorrow.

if you’d like to preview a copy of the first issue click here. subsequent issues will not be able available to view online.

if you’d like a single copy of issue two, christmas  2011, click here. (you must order by Saturday, October 15th – sorry for the short notice.)

if you’d like a subscription of FOLK, click here. (if you order by Saturday, October 15th this subscription will include issue two, christmas 2011)

i will ahave copies of issue two, christmas 2011 available in my gift shoppe.

if you want to learn more about FOLK you can visit them via their websitefacebook, or the FOLK blog.

and finally, if you’d like a copy of issue one, i still have some available in gift shoppe. if you can’t actually visit my shoppe and would like a copy, please email me, and i can ship you a copy. i only have about 10 left. i will not be shipping issue two, christmas 2011 so be sure to order that through FOLK directly.

Inspired By Charm

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    Thank you! Yeah for me!

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