‘there’s a hidden valley ranch party in my mouth!’ haha. sorry. i just watched that video again from yesterday.  comic relief is always good. “jacktastic!”

anyway. if you’ve been following me for sometime you’ll know i’m kind of a magazine junkie. and in recent years a lot of favorites like country home and cottage living have gone away. so sad. so i’m always super giddy when i see new magazines come out! even though, as you can see from my pile of magazine (some of which are still in their plastic covers), i’m failing to find time to actually enjoy them.

Inspired By Charm

during my daily blog hop the other day i noticed that hgtv had come out with a new magazine! so i was pretty darn excited. these days, it’s a rare thing for me to actually watch hgtv, so that’s probably why i didn’t know about it. back in the day, i was always watching that channel. during college when i was home on the weekends i always had it playing. it was sort of a retreat for me (and a way to procrastinate doing homework). it’s rare for me to watch it anymore, with the exception of sarah’s house. as you know i’m a huge sarah richardson fan! (i even have a pin board dedicated to her.)

i mentioned to my mom that i wanted to pick up a copy of the magazine and she was sweet enough to bring one to me. thanks, mom. so today, i’m trying a new magazine.

Inspired By Charm

as far as home decor magazines go, this ones pretty good! it’s obviously beautiful to look at and the layout and flow the magazine is great. there are lots of great features and articles from some of the hgtv stars! like david bromstad. i’m a  big fan of some of his style too!

Inspired By Charm

lots of before and afters, which i love, and find so encouraging and inspiring!

Inspired By Charm

and this particular issue happened to feature my girl sarah and her fabulous farmhouse!

Inspired By Charm

this is probably my favorite season of sarah’s house! it was fun to read more about it. i actually didn’t realize she lived here! so jealous!

Inspired By Charm

 if you haven’t seen the episodes you can check out all the pictures from her renovation here. the master bedroom is still one of my favorite rooms! i also found out sarah has a new show, Sarah 101, that started back in july! guess i feel out of the loop on that one!

Inspired By Charm

there was also a few shopping and resources guides. and thankfully, unlike some design magazines, i could actually afford some of these items! i especially liked these folksy glasses. they kind of reminded me of this gal! don’t’ you think?

Inspired By Charm

there was even some info on antiquing and treasure hunting! love those artisan-made quilts!

Inspired By Charm

 overall i’m kinda digging this magazine. granted it’s no country home or cottage living, but i feel inspired, learned a few things and got a couple new ideas! that’s what magazines are all about!

have you picked up a copy yet? do you love it? hate it?

Inspired By Charm

Inspired By Charm

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  • Ali Richardson at

    I so miss cottage living 🙁 I’ll definitely check this ont out!

  • Emerald Hills at

    I LOVE david! He is one of my serious favorite designers!

  • Lou Cinda @ Tattered Hydrangeas at

    I did pick up a copy of this magazine and I really liked it too! I will def buy it again! I love French Country magazine, though it is a little pricey for me ($10) I really love it!

    Have a great day!

    Lou Cinda 🙂

    I LOVE Sarah Richardson too and did NOT know about Sarah 101 either! What’s up with that! Jumped on my DVR and did a series recording so I won’t miss anymore!

  • Funky Junk Interiors at

    I LOVE sarah and keep forgetting to watch her… that magazine looks interesting. May have to look out for it. 🙂


  • Lili at

    Love Sarah Richardson’s style, but it seems like anytime I turn on HGTV it’s all real estate anymore. Didn’t know about that new mag either, I’ll have to check it out, it sounds more like the HGTV I was used to! ~Lili

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