if i could have one super hero strength it would be an amazing singing voice. seriously. i have no need to fly. i don’t need super human strength. i just want to be able to belt out a note like no other.

when i saw this video today i was reminded of my super hero wish. so after listening to this cover of adele’s  – someone like you over thirty times today i figured it was only appropriate to share it with you.

i’m typically disappointed with most youtube covers. while some folks can really sing, they often miss the emotion or meaning behind the song. not this time. i love this duo’s take on the song and i can totally feel the emotion. in fact, i still have goosebumps.

what do you think?

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  • s'mee at

    i’m thinkin’ they kind of rocked it.

  • Gabriela at

    I’m right there with you Michael, mesmerized by the smooth velvety timbre of these two young voices, their emotion, and the passion. I too, have always wished I could sing. Completely and utterly tone deaf. Thanks for sharing this exquisite video. Made my day.

  • Ali Richardson at

    AWESOME!!!! I am in love! I hared it will all of my friends, and I have been listening to it non-stop. I too would love to be able to sing (other places than in my car alone…ha ha)! Thanks for sharing this 🙂

  • Kelsee at

    They did a great job!!!! I have been singing since I could speak and since having kids and getting so busy my life on stage has dwindled to nothing and I miss it a lot. I love finding good performances by ordinary people. It inspires me and keeps me smiling. When I’m upset about something or having a hard day, all I have to do is get in the car, turn up some good music to sing to (Adele, Mariah Carey, Alicia Keys, and if I’m desperate I put in some show tunes) and I close the windows and just drive and belt out the music. One cannot feel negative emotions while singing. Even if you can’t carry a tune in a bucket, singing is good for the soul. Great find my friend!

  • Emilie's daughter at

    Wonderful, Michael! What a beautiful song! I am taken by your site – it is really interesting and our pictures are great! I have put you on my blogging list! Nice weekend!

  • slip4 at

    I have always wished I could sing! And I sing alot, and love it, but unfortunately can’t carry a tune so I am usually alone when I sing. 🙂
    What a beautiful cover of a great song. I hope they do well in the contest!

  • Kim @ NewlyWoodwards at

    Wow. It’s beautiful.

  • Pamma at

    Aw, thanks…that was beautiful!

  • Lili at

    I first heard this over on the FOLK blog and yes it blew me away. ~Lili

  • Sheena at

    I think I may actually like this version better than the original, and that is saying something! Adele is one of my all time favorite artists!

  • Chas at

    I love it!

  • Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage at

    I just saw this couple on Ellen today and she signed them to her record label. The womans voice is amazing!

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