oh my! so i just discovered this new blog via a facebook connection. spoon fork bacon.  it looks like it just began about mid june. it was created by photographer Teri Lyn Fisher and food stylist Jenny Park. the food looks amazing. the recipes look simple. and the presentation is stunning. an instant favorite! take a minute to check it out. though it was tough to choose, here are some of my favorites…

Inspired By Charm

bacon, gruyere and green onion scones. 

Inspired By Charm

cherry hand pies. 

Inspired By Charm

grilled corn salsa.

Inspired By Charm

hush puppies.

see what i’m talking about! delicious AND beautiful! hope you enjoy them as much as i did! 

Inspired By Charm

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  • Joanna at

    Oh my…this is wonderful! Thanks for sharing…I’m hooked!

  • Pam at

    So glad you found this blog I’m headed to make savory scones right now…

  • Anonymous at

    you are very much missed! hope all is well.


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