oh my. talk about a super moist, super delicious quick bread.

Inspired By Charm

as soon as i saw this recipe, baking this delicious confection became a priority. i followed the recipe exactly except i substituted hazelnuts for walnuts.

Inspired By Charm

wow. this recipe is a keeper. and makes such a sweet little gift.

Inspired By Charm

wouldn’t you agree?

Inspired By Charm

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  • Gabriela at

    Sour cream, chocolate, bananas, and hazelnuts? Oh my! Your loaves look sinfully delicious and downright decadent. I feel myself slipping into a diabetic coma as we speak!

  • Danielle at

    Yum!! I have a Banana Nutella Bread in the oven right now but Im wishing I saw this sooner.


  • Shannon at

    I feel like all I do on here is beg you to send me the things you make…so I’m not gonna do that this time. Mostly because I don’t like choco. But you can tell it tastes amazing. I like your food styling so so much.

  • Home as Hobby at

    Sour cream, chocolate & hazelnuts, OH MY! 😉
    I am drooling!!
    Thanks for sharing & glad you’re back. We missed ya’!

  • oh, buckets' blog at

    I saw this recipe on your blog this morning and made it two hours later! *FANTASTIC*

  • Erin at

    That looks completely divine! I have a whole passel of overripe bananas that would be perfect for this… thanks for sharing!

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