hello lovely people. i hope your weekend was wonderful. i’m a day late with my pinterest weekly review … but as they say, better late than never. and i’m pretty sure you’ll forgive me after you pursue the awesomeness below.

so first and foremost the lovely and amazingly talented jen from notes from the heartland has opened an etsy shop! she is hands down one of the most talented sign painters i’ve ever seen.

Inspired By Charm

now i know i’ve painted a sign or two, but i seriously need to have one of her creations. if you haven’t seen her blog or visited her shop or liked her shop on facebook you must stop what you are doing and do it now.

Inspired By Charm

and not only is she super talented, but for someone i’ve never officially meet, she has one of the biggest hearts i’ve ever encountered. seriously. so go share the love.  

in other news i think spring is finally here. i hoping we’ve seen the last of the snow. and even though it’s rainy and miserable outside today, its still progress.

so next week i am planning my 3rd annual spring open house in my gift shoppe. the ‘theme’ is ‘dancing in the rain’, which looking at the forecast, will be quite fitting. so i thought i would try my hands at this ‘rain’bow cake to serve at the open house.

Inspired By Charm

it looks super fun. and super delicious. i’ve been waiting for an excuse to make one and now i finally have the reason too! so if you can, please stop by for a piece!

to continue with the ‘spring topics’, isn’t this pillow amazing!?

Inspired By Charm

love the colors. love the rough patchwork. beautiful. you can read more about it here.

owning a bed and breakfast i always have my eye out for breakfast recipes.

Inspired By Charm

and while i don’t think i’ll be making these for my guests, i still think the idea of cake batter pancakes is super genius and sounds super yummy. i love, love, LOVE cake so i’m sure it would be pretty easy for me to gobble up a short stack of these pancakes.

and talking about genius – i’m loving this diy artwork!

Inspired By Charm

a blank canvas with pictures in the shape of a heart. super simple, yet striking. wouldn’t this be great for a wedding guestbook type thing … people could sign around the pictures? or to celebrate an anniversary. love this!

Inspired By Charm

oreos are probably my favorite generic cookie. and these oreo cookies and cream no bake cheesecakes via bakers royale look delicious. click here for the recipe. 

This is probably one of my favorite finds. i’ve always had a thing for porches, patios or any outdoor space. there’s nothing better than sitting outside on a gorgeous night (or day) with friends or family over good food and good wine.

Inspired By Charm

and since any outdoor space can benefit from the flicker of a candle or the glow of fire, i just love the use of these old wine bottles to serve the purpose. it looks stunning and the cost is minimal. what better way to light up an outdoor space?

i know, more food!

Inspired By Charm

these are s’more pops. and i wish i had more info on them but the link via pinterest doesn’t seem to be ‘working’. thankfully i’m sure the recipe is fairly straightforward. place marshmallow on a stick … dip in melted chocolate … dip in crushed graham crackers. sounds deliciously simple to me!

and last, but certainly not least, i’m loving this wreath from in color order

Inspired By Charm

can you believe it’s made from vintage bedsheets!? so unique and beautiful. adding this to my never ending to-do list.

hope you enjoy my pinterest finds for this week! i know i did.

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i don’t know how i manage to keep up with all this stuff.

Inspired By Charm

Inspired By Charm Paint Colors

  • poindextr at

    completely wonderful 🙂 The photo heart project? I’ve gotta do that. Plus the wine bottle lights and maybe even the pretty wrapped wreath. All FABULOUS. Love them!

  • ourlifeinaclick.blogspot.com at

    The wine bottle lights. Love love love! Would love it if you stopped over and visited my blog someday!

  • deb mills at

    i saw the wine bottle torches on pinterest too and added the photo to my great ideas list. aren’t they awesome? definitely on my to-do list.

  • Jen@Notes From the Heartland at

    Ahhh…..you are just the sweetest Loo Who there ever was. Ever. And those cake batter pancakes…that would be like crack to my kids…might have to make those for a birthday! Super fun Pinterest finds…how did we live before Pinning? 😉

  • Teri at

    Gosh I don’t even know which photo to comment on as they are all fantastic ideas! First… LOVE the rainbow cake! So yeah, um, I’d love a piece! Then I love the heart photos and the wine bottles!!! And I think I want the wreath, I may be able to make one too! Thanks for your inspirational photos! Have a wonderful day!

  • Debbie--http://refreshrestyle.com/ at

    I don’t know what I’m doing, while you’re out finding great stuff! Love it all, I will have a wine bottle like this, I just know it!

  • Brown Eyed Girl at

    So many good ideas in this one, especially the photo heart! I’m currently planning a surprise anniversary party for my parents 40th this June. I’m totally snagging your idea for signatures around the edges! Thanks!!! Now I’m hungry for a cake batter pancakes too! :/

  • Anonymous at

    I know when I originally pinned the Smores on a Stick I went back to the original site instead of repinning. But now the links all lead to a different page. It was a pretty simple recipe. The cool thing was using a torch to brown the marshmallows before dipping them in some yummy melty chocolate and rolling them in graham cracker crumbs. Delish!

  • Paula at

    I love that heart-shaped picture! The spot that was chosen is perfect for it!

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