so today i thought i’d show you my new and improved ceiling fixtures for my little room redo. i can tell you’re overflowing with excitement.

but first, i need to send a big ginormous thank you to the amazing, brilliant and super duper talented eddie ross. back in january he had a lowe’s gift card giveaway and i was the lucky winner. needless to say i was really happy and really excited.

so i used this wonderful gift to purchase this light fixture for my room. it replaced a pretty ugly fan which can be seen here. i knew i wanted a chandelier …. i new i needed something with a bit of sparkle …and it needed to fit into my very small budget. but i guess ‘free’ fits into any budget. right? so here it is in all of it’s glory.

Inspired By Charm

i just love it. perfect for the space and it suited all my needs perfectly. it even looks great with my little shaker peg rail. so, again, a huge thanks to eddie ross!!

Inspired By Charm


the ceiling fixture also needed replaced in the bedroom portion of the space. again, the new fixture also replaced a super ulgy fan which can be seen here. i opted for another fan, this one, as some of my guests really do like it and use it.  check it out: 

Inspired By Charm

 i actually think ceiling fans have come a long way! i especially love the fans that do not have pull cords! what a difference, right? and this fan really felt right for the space. the actual light portion reminded me of a barn light.

Inspired By Charm

now, if they could just come up with an easier way to install them! if you ever go to install a ceiling fan (especially one with a remote … ie. no pull cords) plan to have a friend on hand. i needed to stack a box on a ladder on a bed. it was tramatic.

piece by piece my lovely little room is coming along. and, if i can get myself together i’m hoping to show you my curtains tomorrow. i just love them. stay tuned!

Inspired By Charm

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  • Cherie@DragonfliezCreationz at

    Ack!! you stood on a ladder on a box on a bed! traumatic indeed.

    Love the chandi… May need to hit up lowes as I am looking for one for my entry.

  • lisbonlioness at

    A box. On a ladder. On a bed. Heck, are you mad? The fan really is beautiful, but you are lucky to be around to enjoy it! Don’t do that again, please, I’d sure miss your blog! 😉
    Reminds me… gotta find a suicidal person to get my new Tord Lundgren lampshade up. Sure as hell won’t be me on that ladder!

  • lisbonlioness at

    Boontje. Tord Boontje. Sorry, brainfreeze! If you are after really beautiful, quirky stuff to spice up an otherwise not- so interesting room, check that guy out!

  • pretty pink tulips at

    How great! Love the new fixture — what a treat to win it from Eddie!!

  • robyn from whimages at

    The both look FABULOUS! I really love the chandy and I know that I couldn’t survive summer if I didn’t have a fan in my room. Not exactly the moset gorgeous thing but I love the breeze! BTW, I heart ER too!

  • Kim @ NewlyWoodwards at

    Okay, I’m sorry that I can’t focus on the light fixtures. The fabric on the curtain! I want it! I love it! So pretty.

    Love the lights you picked, too. Esp. that fan. I’m a big of the ceiling fan, and I like them in guest rooms. Nice for some air flow and white noise, too.

  • April in CT at

    This post is definitely not complete without a picture of you trying to injure yourself installing a ceiling fan!

    Both fixtures look great and I’m green with envy over this room, I just love it!

    I’m pretty sure I saw Eddie in a Subway in a tiny little town in CT quite a few months ago. If it wasn’t him he certainly has a twin from head to toe in CT.

  • Leslie at

    Beautiful! And the Schrute Farms sign… love it. 🙂

  • Mimi at

    Chandelier looks great and just the right size. Glad you had the chance to win it!

  • Anonymous at

    I have been looking for an affordable ceiling fan that doesn’t make me feel pukey. Thank you! Thank you!

    Love your blog!

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