do you know what friday is!? if you don’t, you can bet i’m going to tell you.

but first, do you know/remember what outstanding in the field is? i talked about it before, but basically it’s a traveling restaurant that brings together local farmers, chefs, winemakers, food artists, etc. they travel all over, set up large winding and beautiful tables in the middle of fields, farms, even beaches and serve food made by local chefs grown at local farms. it’s all about connecting to the environment. being one with nature. seeing where your food comes from and drinking a little wine. does this not sound and look amazing?

last year, thanks to an amazingly wonderful and generous sister-in-law and brother, i was able to attend the dinner in roscoe, ny. you can read (and see pictures) about my experience here.

so, you’re probably wondering what’s so special about THIS friday? well, the outstanding in the field crew is announcing the dates/locations for the 2011 tour!! then on sunday, march 20th (the first day of spring) tickets will go on sale.

the reason i say this is because tickets sell out quick! so you need to get on the ball.

(this pic is from the dinner i attended!!)

i will admit the tickets are quite pricey, but i honestly feel it’s totally worth it. maybe even worth more. i can honestly say it was THE best meal i ate all last year …. with some of the BEST wine i’ve ever drank … with the BEST company a guy could ask for.

so check it out! all photos in this post are from the outstanding in the field site. beautiful right?

and i’d love to read about your experience and see your pictures if you attended a dinner yourself. leave any links in the comments below so everyone can check them out.

and who knows … if you’ll be attending a dinner in the pennsylvania area … maybe i’ll see you there!

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  • oh, buckets' blog at

    oh, wow – love this! thank you for the heads up…I will certainly be checking out locations!

  • Funnelcloud Rachel at

    You lucky beast – I would kill to go to Outstanding in the Field. I wanted to go last year, but it wasn’t in the budget!

  • Mrs. Adventure at

    Oh man I remember you going last year I was so jealous… your photos are beautiful – Thanks for the heads up!

  • Lili at

    Oh wow that is so awesome! I have not ever seen anything like this before, thanks so much for sharing! ~Lili

  • Shannon at

    Sooo um, if you happen to get tix and need a date…you (kinda) know where to find me 🙂

    I’m thinking that when you went last year is about when I stumbled upon your blog…and died of jealousy.

  • pbrenner at

    Thank you SOOO much for the link – I am so excited to see that they will be close enough for me to attend this year (Austin and Brenham – within a 2 hour drive!) This will definitely be on my schedule!

  • { L } at

    OMGness, you have no idea how excited this made me!!! I’ve never heard of this before but I am captivated. I will for sure be buying tickets…YAY!!! 😀 I’m so happy lol. Also, I’m a new follower and your blog is amazing…easily one of my favorites.

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