a huge thanks for everyone that entered the giveaway. i loved reading about your favorite songs or favorite songs of the moment.

the internet has made discovering and accessing new music so wonderfully easy. i love it.

as i mentioned, i would be selecting two winners for these lovely goods.

Inspired By Charm

so, without further adieu … the winners, chosen at random, are…

kelsee of pumpkin pie crafts


amy of whisperwood cottage and junkologie

congrats ladies! and i must say you both have the loveliest of blogs. it’s been a joy discovering your creativeness and talents through this giveaway. take a minute to check out these ladies lovely sites if you already haven’t.

but the giveaway is over just yet. there were a couple song selections that really struck a chord with me, so i decided to have three additional winners. yep. three more winners. so, based solely on your selection of songs these three lovely folks will receive one of my fabulous new old charm mugs. and here’s why…

first is suzanne from meridian road. her favorite ‘of the moment’ song is adele’s – rolling in the deep. and if you happen to be one of my neighbors (or following me on facebook) you’ll know that i’ve been completed obsessed with adele for the past two weeks (as that’s the only think i’ve been listening too at a very loud volume). her new album is phenomenal. so when i saw that suzanne was loving this song i was super excited. you can check out the song here:

next is katy from eat, drink & decorate who had me at ‘sugarland.’ she’s diggin’ one of their newer songs, stand up. i can’t tell you how much i love sugarland. seriously. adore. i’ve turned to the lyrics in their songs time and time again when i need encouragement or comfort. and this song, stand up, is one of my favorites. talk about encouragement … give it a listen:

and finally, christina from cookie louise pleaze listed a song that gave me goosebumps, feels like home from chantal kreviazuk. (not to be confused with the remake from edwina hayes in my sister’s keeper) any dawson’s creek fans out there? (i still think joey and dawson should be together – but that’s a whole other topic [and i just noticed you can now buy the complete series on dvd…yay! i just may need to purchase this] ) anyway, that’s where i first discovered this song. i’ve loved it from the moment i heard it. since then, it’s been one of my favorite songs, if not my very favorite. i have a bad habit of over playing songs so much that i grow to hate them. this probably sounds weird, but i tuck this song away, and it has a way of finding me. this way i can’t grow to hate it. i just think it’s beautiful beyond words. check it out:

kelsee, amy, suzanne, katy and christina please email me your mailing addresses. if i don’t hear from you i’ll try to contact you via email. i’ll be mailing your winnings later this week.

thanks to everyone else that entered!

and i’ll be back later today with a super simple valentines’ day wreath project.

until then…

Inspired By Charm

other exciting news and a new handpainted sign coming later this week! stay tuned.

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  • Leanne at

    i love everything chantal does…saw her live at a very small venue here at home about a year ago and she brought me to tears over and over…goosebumps too!
    something about her sitting there and pouring her emotions out on the piano…so lovely.

  • Kelsee at

    WOO HOO!!!! I might need to go buy a lotto ticket! I’m feeling lucky! Lol Thank you so much! Hugs! -Kelsee

  • slip4 at

    Awesome songs that I wasn’t familiar with, very exciting. I can see why you picked them to win!

  • Kelsee at

    Oh and by the way, as of right now you have 399 followers. So are you going to do a 400 follower giveaway? Lol

  • Jody at

    I love “Feels Like Home”! I always thought it would make the perfect first dance @ a wedding reception. But I have to disagree with you…I think Joey ended up with the right person. I actually only caught one episode in 1998 @ college and then didn’t start watching it once we got the WB until there was about 4 episodes left. So I spent a year waiting for each season to come out and watched it for the first time knowing what the ending would be. It was actually kind of nice to see how everything would work out.

    And by the way, your house is adorable, I love the write your own story sign and your quilt looks like it is going to be amazing!

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