as promised, i’m hosting a little giveaway today.

when if first opened the gift shoppe i somehow stumbled across dip mixes from the dippy chick. it was love at first sight. so i ordered them and for the past couple years they’ve always been one of my best sellers. recently the dippy chick moved so her operations were closed for almost a year. i could have switched to a different company, but i loved the product so much i just couldn’t.

well, i’m happy to say (after getting an email around thanksgiving with news that the dippy chick was back in business) these amazing mixes have returned.

you’re probably wondering what i’m making so much fuss over. well, first, all the ingredients/spices are super fresh. and, there is no gluten, trans fat, filler sugar or ‘yucky artificial stuff’. it’s also no, or low in salt. nice, right!

to make a basic party dip you just mix it with sour cream and mayo. super easy! then … (yeah there’s more) inside the packet are even more recipe suggestions for herbed butter, bagel spread, french fry dip, hot pasta, roasted potatoes and more.

so in spirit of the dippy chicks generosity and good will towards me, i’m passing it forward to you. i’m giving away three of these delicious mixes. (three of my favorites actually)

Inspired By Charm

Twisted Tomato Tornado
Gettin’ Piggy Widdit
Don’t Squat With Your Spurs On
(oh and i forgot to mention the names she came up with for each mix … so fun… so genius!)

to enter, leave a comment below telling me about an upcoming holiday party that you are looking forward to attending. i want to get these out ASAP. So you have until friday at 12 noon to enter. i’ll announce the winner shortly after that.

in other news i need to send a big huge thank you to bonnie over at going home to roost. first, she has crafted the most amazing online magazine … celebrate. you MUST check it out. there are so many free downloads. it’s bananas. bah-nanas!

she asked for submissions for the magazine, so i (like a crazy) person, sent her way too many, with a dozen pictures. unfortunately she wasn’t able to use any in the magazine. which, after viewing the magazine, i totally understand why. i was a tad disappointed, but i did get the sweetest email from her today … and she even posted about me. i’m filled with gratitude. some people are just so wonderful.

so take a moment to head over to her blog and say hello, check out her new magazine or to leave a comment on her little post about me. you won’t be disappointed. she is constantly posting the coolest stuff. and her blog layout/design is just gorgeous!

Inspired By Charm

ps.  so, you problem remember me mentioning a while back about doing a 12 days of christmas giveaway. well, for many reason, i’m unable to do it this year. i’m so sorry and feel like the biggest jerk. but a big thank to all of the blogger that volunteered and helped along the way. i really appreciate you time and support. and thanks to everyone else for understanding.

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  • Knitting with Beer at

    These sound delicious! I am having my family over Christmas Eve for our Christmas bash. We have a Dirty Santa gift exchange and lots of homebrew. Too fun! These dips would be great at our party.

  • alexandjess at

    Yum! These sound delish!
    I’m looking forward to a dinner I’m hosting on Sunday – a crab feed. I can’t wait!

  • Emily at

    Love the cute packages and their names!

    My hubby and I will be hosting our Christmas Eve get together with my fam…the first year we won’t meet at Mom and Dad’s. Looking forward to hostessing! I’m requiring everyone to wear the ugliest Christmas sweater they can find. Can’t wait to take pictures!

  • slip4 at

    Love the packaging on these dips – what a hoot! We had our big Christmas party last weekend, but my daughter’s 19th birthday is next week and we always have lots of hungry family here for that celebration.

  • CT Mom at

    We are bringing out daughter (our 1st) to her maternal grandparents house on Christmas Eve to celebrate her first Christmas with family she hasn’t met yet. We can’t wait.

  • Jen@Notes From the Heartland at

    Oh goodness these look wonderful Michael!! You find the most delightful things to have in your gift shoppe. We are actually having a little party for friends that are visiting from California (welcome to snow and freezing cold temps!!) next week. They (as are we) pretty concerned about what we feed our kids….these look like they would definitely fit the “nothing weirdo and unnatural” bill!!

  • Dianah at

    The dips are WAY TOO CUTE!!!

    So I can’t decide on one party so I am going with 3. The first is my Uncle’s Adults Only party the Saturday before Christmas. It is always a ton of fun. Second the same uncle is hosting our family Christmas Eve party. His boyfriend does OVER THE TOP decorating. The house looks like a magazine layout, plus it is the one time of year all the family is together at the same time. The last party I am looking forward too is on the 26th. We are having a Post Christmas Open House since my husband is on leave from his job in Iraq. He is a civilian working on base.

    No worries on the 12 days give away. We all are busy too. It really is the thought that counts. If you think of doing it again. I would love to help out.

  • Esther@fleurcottage at

    love dips & always am up to trying new ones…be blessed this Christmas!

  • Leah at

    i am excited about seeing family at holiday parties this year. for the first time we are going to a football game (the Rams) the day after Christmas, and then having dinner/opening presents after the game. this will be my second football game ever. 🙂 i am just excited to go with my family though!

  • me at

    it is our turn to host the Family Christmas Eve party. So we will be having 35-40 people. Very excited! Hope I win :0)

  • faithplusnothing at

    I’m excited for our family get together Christmas eve and it’s also my birthday.

  • Jennifer at

    we will be visiting with our afmilies for the traditional christmas stuff. after the hiolidays are out of the way, we have a “destress from the holidays” party with our friends.

    everyone brings the gifts they got, that they wish they hadn’t got, and if someone at the party wants it, they can have it!

  • Kim~HomeIsWhereTheHeartIs at

    I’m hosting a Christmas cookie exchange at my home this Saturday 🙂

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