i’m very proud of my collection of christmas cds. i probably have way more than i should, but i love getting them all out this time of year, trimming the tree and singing away.

we all have our favorite traditional christmas songs, so i thought i’d share some of my favorite non traditional christmas songs.

Sara Barelilles & Ingrid Michaelson – Winter Song

Sugarland – Gold and Green

Jewel – Face of Love

Faith Hill – A Baby Changes Everything

Faith Hill – Where Are You Christmas

Kristin Chenoweth – Christmas Island

John Mayer – St. Patrick’s Day

and although this song is very traditional it’s probably my favorite. and martina blows it out of the park. acapella no less. goosebumps people!
Martina McBride – Oh Holy Night

i’m always looking for new christmas music. what’s your favorite album? what’s your favorite holiday song?

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  • Cindy at

    You’ve got some great songs here. I’m going to give each of them a listen. My most-played Christmas CD’s are by Amy Grant. ‘Breath of Heaven (Mary’s Song)’ is a favorite.

  • Michelle @ Sweet Something Design at

    Great songs!
    I have a lot of fave’s, but I’ll narrow it down…
    Jingle Bells, Frank Sinatra, I love this version
    We Three Kings, Sarah McLachlan & The Barenaked Ladies, they put a great spin on it
    Mistletoe, Colbie Caillat, great voice

    and my all time favorite is:
    Christmas Song by Dave Matthews, I usually tear up. 🙂

  • Michelle (michabella) at

    These are great!!! Thanks for sharing! I love Christmas music! <333

  • Jen@Notes From the Heartland at

    WONDERFUL songs…thanks for sharing Michael. I have a big old smattering of favorites…lots on my hard drive from the days of Kazaa and Napster. (I’m old, aren’t I!?) My all time fave song is Silent Night.

  • Amy at

    Hi Michael. Thanks for the comment on my blog! And just so you know, it’s NEVER too early to play Christmas music. I’m a harpist, so I get to practice it all year long to prepare for the busiest season.

    Even though I’ve made a Christmas album myself, my all-time favorite is (don’t laugh) Gene Autry’s “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” Christmas album. It reminds me of Christmases at my grandparents’ house when I was little.

  • MelissaD at

    Martina has an awesome voice – saw her live years ago and she did a version of Over The Rainbow that was just amazing – absolute silence throughout the venue – it gave me a shiver.

    Some of the CDs I like are Wyndham Hill collections – haunting at times. We grew up listening to Nat King Cole Christmas at home and were lucky enough to sometimes attend the same church Bing Crosby did! You could always hear his voice 🙂

  • Shannon at

    Oooo new songs! Can’t wait to listen. My fave christmas stuff is by Josh Groban…he gives me goosebumps. Oh and classic Mariah doing All I Want for Christmas. Soooo good!

  • slip4 at

    Thanks for sharing these, Michael. We are always ready to add more Christmas music. And that Martina version of O Holy Night, WOW! My husband’s favorite song is old, Star Carol, by Anna Maria Alberghetti (why?, maybe like Amy it reminds him of his grandparents). I love Bing and Nat and a set of three CD’s that Pottery Barn had a few years ago – a great mix of great Christmas cocktail party songs. Oh, and like Shannon, Josh Groban is a one of my faves too. And of course, the Charlie Brown Christmas song is awesome.

  • Robin at

    The past few years the songs “Holly Jolly Christmas” and “What Child Is This” have been my two favorite songs.

    In my heart Christmas songs belong to Andy Williams. Every year as I was growing up my mother would dig out her Andy Williams Christmas Albums and we would sing along. Now I do the same for my kids. It gives me such joy to see my kids sing and having fun to a song that I remember enjoying from a man who recoreded it back in 1963. Somehow it makes it more special.

  • Dianah at

    I am loving Straight No Chaser, you can find them all over youtube. I love Carol of the Bells, it doesn’t matter who sings it.

  • Rene at

    I’m ready to join you. Thanks for sharing these great songs.


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