seriously, this has been one of the best giveaways i’ve done.

Inspired By Charm

not necessarily because of the actually prize, which by the way is super cute, but because i loved reading your comments. thank you so much for sharing. but know that you are now officially ‘screwed’ because i’m going to continue to ask you personal information every time you want to enter a giveaway. lucky me.

any who, to be fair i used to choose a winner and it spit out the following:

Inspired By Charm

no need to count, i did the work for you, the winner is …

tammy @ tattered and timeless! woot! woot!

i found tammys site maybe a week ago and she looks like a crafting goddess. serious. check out this link to these amazing stockings she made from burlap! continue scroll down her site to see more amazingness.

just email me your address tammy and i’ll get your cute little birds out asap.

in other news, i still need seven (yes, sadly only five people want to host a free and amazing giveaway via inspired by charm)  fellow bloggers to host a giveaway. please don’t make me beg. anyway, the first seven people to email me will get the last seven spots.

and for the five of you that have already volunteered (thank you, thank you, thank you) i will email you later today just to confirm.

Inspired By Charm

congrats again to tammy and have a great monday ya’ll!

oh, and yes, i did get my christmas lights put up (thankfully it was a beautiful weekend here) and that image of the house from friday is the bed and breakfast and my house. i live at the bed and breakfast. thanks!

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  • Mrs. Adventure at

    Congrats Tammy :+)

  • Stitchfork at

    What cute bird ornaments – congrats Tammy!

  • Dianah at

    Yeah Tammy! The birds are so cute!

    If you still need another blogger for the 12 Days let me know, I would love to do it.

  • Oonafey at

    I’d love to host a giveaway for you, Michael! If you’ll have a newbie like me… 😀

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