for the next two months i should really call this blog ‘inspired by the holidays’ cause i’m loving all the cheer, joy and color i’m seeing this season! (and i might was well suck it in now, because before we know it it’s going to be january and we’ll be hoping for the spring!)

as i said before i’m getting the shop ready so i thought i’d share some pictures.

between today and the early part of next week i’m getting in two big orders. so, this is a little preview and then i’ll show some more once i get these orders unpacked, priced and displayed.

i know i’m showing you things in a retail setting which is quite different then how’d you do it at home.  over the next couple weeks, i’m hoping to take some items out of the gift shoppe, set them up in my rooms, and show you how to use these pieces (…or pieces like them as i know 80% of you reading this sadly can’t visit my shop.)

maybe it can become a weekly feature. i can come up with a fun name for it like ‘from shop to home: displaying the things you love’ or ‘display thrusdays’ ( i know, those are dumb) but, if you have a cute name suggestion let me know in the comments … and let me know what you think of the idea.

and i also wanted to show you this amazing glitter tree tutorial i stumbled across this morning. isn’t the finished product magic!?

and i’m really liking the way folks are throwing in odd colors with the traditional red and green. it makes it so interesting and special, but still super seasonal and beautiful! loving the aqua blue color.

you can follow this link to learn how to make your own. and these are the ladies that created the tutorial. i know i’ll be making some once i get my hands on the supplies.

but, this weekend i’m going to attempt to make my first challenge for the ‘dare to diy blog party’. i’m actually really looking forward to trying it! even if it doesn’t work. want a hint to what i’m making? click here.

oh, and this weekend i’m also going to get together the fabric that all you amazing people have sent me over the past couple months. i know i haven’t talked about the quilt for a while. but yes, i’m absolutely still making it. and yes, i still do need more fabric.

so look for a post on saturday or sunday and i’ll show you all the amazing stuff i’ve received. i even got material from this gal … ah-mazing!


  • Jennifer at

    The shop sure is looking like a winter wonderland, Michael! Everytime I see your pics, I want even more to be able to visit.
    I’ve never been to PA so when I do, your B&B will be on our list of places to stay!

  • maureencracknell at

    It looks wonderful! I hope to make it over soon for some holiday shopping!!!

  • Emily Elizabeth at

    Your shop looks so cute! I wish I could visit in person!

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