i’ve always struggled trying to define my ‘sense of style’. i’m not country, but love rustic things. i’m not modern, but i love bright colors and clean lines. i love a designed look, but it also needs to feel like home.  i think i like too much and that’s where i get confused.  does this happen to you? am i making sense?

anyway, a couple weeks ago a blog i follow (and i can’t remember which) posted some images from a new york based designer, john willey. and while i don’t love absolutely everything about his design, his work really inspires me.

so these first three images are a tad bit too ‘fussy’ for me. but i love the colors and the way they work together. remember i just painted my hall green and introduced some blue (which, by the way, is still not finished … slowly but surely)? sorta reminds me of the picture below.

i’m also a huge fan of that lime-y green color so that’s probably while i love his desgin too. what about you, do you prefer white walls? or color on your walls?

i think the next three images are from the same house, a beach house. they are a lot more causal and less ‘fussy’ which i love. check out that hall color … lime green again!

and i’m sure you’ve all seen this chandelier at one point or another. it’s probably one of my favorite fixtures ever. some day, some house … i WILL have this chandelier.

beautiful right?

so, even though this post has nothing to do with halloween i hope you have a great one no matter what your plans. 


  • eddieross at

    That chandelier is gorgeous! Definitely a must have! Wishing you a Happy Halloween as well!


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