yesterday i mentioned i painted my hall. (more on that later.)

so now i’m considering a wall graphic. you know … those big stickers for the wall. anyway, i go back and forth on whether i like them. so, i’m interested to hear what you think. since some of these decals are a pretty big investment your opinion is important!

here are a couple i like and would be appropriate for the space. my walls are a green color so i would choose a white for the decal.

Inspired By Charm


Inspired By Charm


Inspired By Charm

more dandelions (these taller ones may work better for me)

Inspired By Charm

leafy branch

Inspired By Charm


Inspired By Charm

bird cages

so, two questions here.

1. what do you think of wall decals in general? love them? hate them? think they look cheap? think they are genius?

2. what do you think of the ones i selected? too big? too small? too weird? have a link for one you like better?

and for the giveaway part of this post … on friday i will randomly pick one comment and that person will receive a jar of my red pepper jelly (which, if i have to say so myself is quick delicious … my sister-in-law told me it could make me a millionaire! [oh and it’s best served on a cracker with cream cheese]) and a bracelet from viva beads (which i have more arriving in the gift shoppe friday! yay!)

and, thank you so much for your time and help. you know i love you guys!

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  • alexandjess at

    I too go back and forth. While I haven’t seen any in person, I always think they look photoshopped in pictures which leads me to believe they would look odd in person.
    I much prefer hand painted patterns. Like a decal but actually painted. They seem to look more artistic and less cheap to me.

  • slip4 at

    Like you, I have gone back and forth on the wall decals. Can’t say I have seen any in person, so am not sure if they look cheap or not. I like alot of the ones you have picked out, although to be honest, the dandelion has been all OVER blogland and I am sick of it already. Love the trees, and the bird cages. I am not a real floral person, so not as fond of the huge flowers. For my house, I would pick either the trees, or maybe some India-inspired medallion thingys (wow, those sound great, huh? It’s my way with words..haha). Put my name in for the jelly – my mouth is watering!

  • Mrs. Adventure at

    Oooh I love them. I like decals because they are easy to remove / apply but I opted to paint a tree in my hallway instead of using a decal and it turned out fabulous… if you are interesting in taking a peek head over to my blog, click on the tab “bungalow 34” and scroll down. Heck maybe I could come paint one for you for some jelly :+)

  • Kim @ NewlyWoodwards at

    In general, I like wall decals. I like the dandelions. We have some small ones in the bathroom that I like. But, like many things, as they get really prevalent, I like them less. (I”m a nerd like that.)

    I prefer the designs to words.

    I really like the dandelions. I think that would be pretty.

  • annette at

    Wall decals for me depend on the space and the style of the rest of the home. It seems like a much more modern approach to design.

    I really like the first dandelions and also think the bird cages are very whimsical!

    I’m hosting a little giveaway tomorrow on my blog so I hope you’ll stop by!

  • Stephanie at

    I do like them, but I think they have to be done in a way and matched with things where they are not tacky. Overall, wall decals are nice and a cheap way to decorate anything!

    My favorites are the trees! I hope I can taste your jam soon!!

  • webmailaddress2 at

    Those wall decals are so pretty! My only beef with them is that they kind of limit how you design a space. I don’t know what kind of stuff you would have in your hallway, but in a living room type situation, you would be kind of restricted in how you arrange your furniture so that the wall decal wasn’t obstructed.

  • Jennifer at

    i go back & forth on them too. one day I like them next day not so much. however, of the ones you have here, i like the white dandelions & the bird cages.

    Go to it Michael! Do it up Old Charm style!

  • Jaeyde at

    I think I have to agree with most of the comments above. Wall decals can be beautiful, lovely, classy, whimsical, whatever you want them to be. They have to be done well and too many makes things tacky. I think part of their charm is the sense of surprise.

    My vote would be with the dandelions or bird cages.

  • Nadia @ at

    I say go for it and try the decal out. If you don’t like it, you can always change it to another room or use it for something else!

  • jen @ homeinthecountry at

    I go back and forth on them, too. I don’t think I’d ever use them in my home, but I have seen some on the intertubes that look great. Of the ones you’ve posted, I like the big trees the best.

  • Carrie at

    I only like wall decals if they are done properly. A lot of the time the placement seems kind of random. The birds are cute but birds are everywhere, and I am sort of over them. My favorite from your picks are the trees. I like their simplicity, and the idea of bringing nature indoors.

  • Julie at

    I love decals and the ones you’ve picked. Especially the trees and the dandelions. As someone else already commented, they have been all over blogland, but that’s just because they’re great! And I love red peppers! Here’s hoping I win!

  • Krista at

    i love the decals! as long as they aren’t used in every room, on every wall, etc…like some do – over kill!

    jere’s sister has the dandelion one in her living room and it looks awesome.

  • jhana at

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • jhana at

    I think it’s really lovely. The walls of one’s home is a perfect canvas for a creative mind. And the joy it brings whenever you see it is absolutely heart warming. 🙂

    The bird cages and the trees are stunning! It somehow makes me want to conduct photo shoots all of a sudden!

  • Jordy at

    I think the dandelion and the leafy branch are my favorite. The trees are a little much, IMO. However, as for wall decals in general, I think they’re a great, affordable way to really change the vibe of a room and look fancy without a lot of effort/destroying of a paintjob.

  • Stitchfork at

    Consider customizing one to match the white scroll you use on your logo. If too pricey, then create a template to paint it on. Your very own style – timeless!

  • Karen at

    I personally am not too crazy for the wall decals….I do like it when I see ones like “welcome”, etc. above a doorway, behind a stove…..but I’m not crazy over the designs, especially the whimsical ones….if I did it I would limit to only 1 or 2 rooms

  • Bean's Mom at

    I too love the dandelions but again they are everywhere… I wanted something more original for my bedroom and found a great company that customized something just for my space. You could consider that if you have something special in mind. I think they ( a designer online too where you can design your own wall decals. Whatever you choose I am sure it will look great!

  • Kylar at

    I’m a big fan of wall decals and Oh My Laws I looove the dandelions and the bird cages!! Those are my absolute favorites! I might have to go out and get myself one!

  • Emily at

    The bird cage decals are my favorite. So sweet!

    I posted about Fall on my blog too, but I sound much less cheerful than you. 🙂

    Hope I’m the winner!

  • Esther@fleurcottage at

    i like the quotes that are available & i REALLY like pepper jam! 🙂

  • Reese at

    Where did you order the dandelions, they look great.

  • Gretta at

    I love them, probably by now you have made up your mind, lol but I like the the weed just thinking about them makes me feel young you know when you stand there making wishes as you are blowing on them.

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