the day before our amazing dinner we visited moon dancer winery in wrightsville, pa.

the day was beautiful. blue skies. no clouds.

we sampled  wines.

we explored the vineyards.

we pretended to be professional photographers …

… but with such beautiful subjects it wasn’t too hard.

the day with my nephews and niece, my brother and sister-in-law and my mom was priceless.

we even sampled the grapes. they were delicious.

we searched the weeds for dinosaurs. we didn’t find any.

but that didn’t stop us from having fun.

the day went too quickly.

i can’t wait to go back.

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  • Rose at

    Thanks for commenting on my blog. I am SO glad I found yours. I definitely added it to my daily reads 🙂 It sounds like you do some amazing things in your line of work!

  • Karalee at

    You are such a sweet man!

  • emma_kaye at

    I just stumbled across your blog & noticed your B&B is in Central PA!! You’re only about an hour & 45 minutes from us!! Can’t wait to browse your site some more!!


  • Kim @ NewlyWoodwards at

    I love these pictures, esp. the one with your nephew jumping. So cute!

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