… fall is coming!

Inspired By Charm

as some of you may know the next season comes a little quicker for those of us in the retail world. its still 80 degrees outside, but the gift shoppe is taking on a whole different feeling.

Inspired By Charm

rich colors and cool metals fill the space.

Inspired By Charm

pumpkins abound. leaves fall.

Inspired By Charm

things begin fade and die … to become a little ‘creepy’ perhaps.

Inspired By Charm

and even though the green fades, color remains.

Inspired By Charm

even in the glow of pumpkins.

Inspired By Charm

squirrels gather food for a long winter retreat.

Inspired By Charm

grapevine takes the shape of wreaths … it wraps around porch posts … and of course, creates pumpkins.

Inspired By Charm

and a little fun sprinkled in for good measure.

Inspired By Charm

what do you love most about fall? the smells? the colors? the food? or all of it? … like me! thanks for stopping by!

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  • Rachel's Cottage House at

    oh i love everything! i think fall makes me think of winter, which makes me happy because i love winter/cold weather! it’s just fun getting the “cold weather” attire out.

  • Posy Linda at

    Hi Michael. Love the funny pumpkins. Really cute.

  • Mrs. Adventure at

    As I sit here inside and type this the reality is its over 100 degrees outside…. ahh the joys of living in Texas. I love the changing of seasons, the smells and those warm colors. Believe you me I will be in full fall mode come the end of September :+)

  • scargosun at

    There is only 1 thing I don’t like about fall…the abundance of REAL spiders. Other than that, bring it ALL on! LOVE that chandelier…I work at that store and wish I had a place for it at home.

  • The Nerdy Owl at

    I am so ready.

  • slip4 at

    I looove fall. For one thing, the summers here in Richmond, VA, tend to be hot and humid (100+ this summer). I have no energy in the heat. Fall brings cooler weather and suddenly I feel new energy to get things done. I love the colors, the coziness, and the feeling that we should take advantage of outdoor activities while we can. I am so ready!

  • Angela at

    I am loving your gift shop; it is indeed quite charming. Fall loves-the bright pop of color in the leaves; the chance to be cozy inside or out on a hike; the fact that I can hike without sweating in cooler temps; the beach; soups and goulashes.
    Thanks for the peek at Fall in your store. Peace, Angela

  • Mary Ellen at

    Hey Michael,
    Spidey is adorable! What a great pic!
    Thanks for yet another lovely stay. I’ve gotten several compliments on the bracelet already! I love it 😀
    See you in a few weeks!


  • Allison Deal at

    Those pumpkin stands with the eyes are adorable!!! and I think I need to have one… have any idea where I can get one???

  • Kim @ NewlyWoodwards at

    Oh, I’m so excited for fall. Every time you post photos of the shop, I wish I lived closer. Seriously.

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