hey everyone! hope you are having a fab weekend!

before i announce the winners of this week’s giveaway, i wanted to show you all the squares i have cut for the quilt. a couple of you had asked to see …

Inspired By Charm

as of right now i have 253 squares. i need a total 728 squares (for a queen size).  so that means i still need 475 squares. so, thanks to all you lovely people i’m over a third of the way there. but i still need lots more … so keep those pieces coming! post about it. tweet about it. ‘facebook’ about it. i really, really appreciate it.

Inspired By Charm

i did get some more fabric over the past two days (which is already cut and included in the count above) … i will show you those pieces on monday.

so, i’m thinking it looks unbelievably fantastic. right? it seriously gave me goosebumps when i laid all the pieces next to one another. the colors you people have chosen are magic. pure magic. so summery. so happy. so cheery. so perfect. oh, and i have to tell you i love cutting out these squares. i could do it all day.

Inspired By Charm

so, thank you again! now on to the winners. yep. i said winnerS! i’ve decided to have two winners!

both randomly chosen winners will receive two jars of jam (blueberry and blackberry/blueberry) and three votive candles from bridgewater!

the first winner is lenore from later.write. repeat !!

the second winner is ester from fleur cottage !!

congratulations ladies! thanks to everyone else for entering! and be sure to check out these ladies blogs. super duper cool and creative. to my winners, please email me your mailing address and i’ll get your winnings out next week.

Inspired By Charm

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  • Rachel's Cottage House at

    I really like the way it’s looking. I have some fabric I’m going to mail out to you too. And I have a blog post for Friday the 13th about it. 🙂


  • Kim @ NewlyWoodwards at

    It looks so great. Cannot wait to see it all together.

  • Jennifer at


  • Kari --- at

    Wow, that is stunning! I could snuggle underneath it and spend hours staring at all the pretty colours and textures and patterns!

  • Anne-Lise at Rag, Tag, Bobtail at

    It’s going to be beautiful!

  • harriet in ireland at

    Looking good!

  • Posy Linda at

    That quilt will be beautiful. How fun to receive fabric square from here and there. Have a great time!

  • Mrs. Adventure at

    Wow it looks soooo good, I can’t wait to see the finished product!

  • Kar at

    Love all the squares you have laid out so far. So awesome!

  • Esther@fleurcottage at

    wow! i REALLY won?! a first time for me! 🙂 you can email @ onehappygardener@frontiernet.net
    i’m looking forward to the goodies! 🙂

  • Stitchfork at

    What a great quilt idea – looking forward to seeing how it looks finished. What a story that goes along with it. Beautiful jelly photos!

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