so, it’s been a while since my last giveaway. and i was going to do one for my 200th post, but then i missed it. whoops.

Inspired By Charm

and things are crazy this week (as i mentioned yesterday) so maybe this will be a small disctraction from my lack of content. you think?

yesterday i made blueberry jam and black & blue jam (blackberry & blueberry).

Inspired By Charm

so the winner (selected at random) will recieved one jar of each jam, plus a couple of wonderful votives from bridgewater candles including one of their new scents, cookie jar.

Inspired By Charm

how can you win this deliciousness? this time there are three ways to enter. awesome!

1. leave a comment telling me what type of jam i should make next. i’m always looking for unique combintations … surprise me! my friend said her husband made cantalope and raspberry. i never knew you could make melon jam!?

2. blog, facebook, twitter, etc. about this somewhere else and leave a copy of the link in the comments

3. i’m looking for a super delicious red pepper jelly. something you’ve tried or made yourself … a recipe you know is super yummy. you can leave a link of it in the comments. or email it to me (and of course a comment saying you did).

the contest will run until 11:59PM this friday, august 6th. the winner will be announced in my post on saturday, august 7th.

Inspired By Charm

good luck everyone!

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  • JBD at

    Mimosa jam! Orange and champagne-y all at the same time. Delish! I love the blog. Found you by accident but read it every day now.

  • Nadia @ at

    what about lingonberry jam? Since the new IKEA catalog came out, I’ve been daydreaming about anything and everything Swedish!

  • Lenore @ Lather. Write. Repeat. at

    Blueberry mint jam!


  • Krista at

    It was cantaloupe and blackberry, not blueberry. Does this count as my entry? 🙂

  • Eileen Jolls at

    Raspberry=peach –like a peach melba

  • Grace @ Sense and Simplicity at

    My mother makes amazing strawberry-rhubarb jam, but I’m not sure that is so unsual. I’ve been craving peach jam so that is my vote – again not very unusual.

  • Dharma at

    I love me some free jam! I also love appricot/ peach or marmalades. I think you should try a marmalade 🙂

    Best RP Jelly recipe coming in next post….enjoy. Yes Virginia, I have made it and it’s marvellous! Even if I stole it.

  • Julie at

    I don’t how it would be as jam but my favorite combination is blueberry peach. Yum!

  • Posy Linda at

    Michael, I’ve been thoroughly charmed by your blog. I was so pleased to find that you stopped by PosyLinda today. Looking forward to visiting again soon. Thanks Michael! How about blueberry peach on the spicy side, yum….

  • katie at

    cranberry apple jelly. any jam made from local/wild berries (we have black raspberries by us). yay, homemade jam!

  • Eccentric Mama at

    I think strawberry/rhubarb jam would be so fine. It’s a great combination in cobbler, so why not jam?

  • Natasha at

    I shared a link for this on facebook.

  • Karen at

    I once made Kiwi Jam. It was pretty good and different. Sorry, I don’t remember where I got the recipe but I’m sure it was something I googled.

  • Karen at

    What about Watermelon Rind Preserves?? My Grandma made that when I was a little girl.

  • Kim @ NewlyWoodwards at

    I’ve gotta send you a jam recipe Miss Effie just sent me. Sounds delicious. I think you’d like it.

  • Sharon at

    oooooo, jam is so tasty! i vote for peach, then pear….maybe not mixed, but i am not very brave when it comes to mixing flavors…

  • Jennifer at

    how about raspberry kiwi or blqackberry kiwi?

  • Itchin' Stitchin' at

    I made Elderberry jam last weekend with my mom – It’s super yummy – and it should be with all the work those little berries put you through!

  • Christie G at

    Apple-rhubarb, oh my mouth waters at the thought of that jam.

  • Michelle (michabella) at

    I love jam!!! Strawberry jam is big down here in Florida…but I think you should make raspberry! YUM! <333

  • Esther@fleurcottage at

    a jelly that uses a sweetener that is not a chemical & white sugar! 🙂

  • Jennifer at

    Gooseberry jam ??

    Bumbleberry jam?(blackberry raspberry & blueberry combined)

  • Rachel's Cottage House at

    This would have to be one you would have to try: banana, strawberry, blueberry. The banana would add a very unique twist – not too mild, but enough flavour that you know it’s there, mixed with the basics, blueberry and strawberry, it would be more “normal” to the unsuspecting tastebuds. And that’s my idea. If I knew how to make jam I’d make it myself! You’re such a great jam-maker. And to any commenters who have not tried his jam – it’s a must. Forget store-bought, it’s like eating a frozen banana verses a real fresh banana (odd comparision, I know) but which would you choose? Obviously the fresh banana. And so it is with his jam, always choose his. 🙂


  • Laura at

    A friend of mine just told me she made peach almond jam that was to die for. I haven’t made any myself YET. She said she added almond extract to the recipe and it’s delish. 🙂

    PS – happy birthday!

  • Nancy at

    I know it is not original but I’m partial to strawberry-rhubarb. Maybe you could even throw in some blueberries with that. Yummm.

  • Nancy at

    And almost forgot – happy birthday to you! I hope you celebrate for the whole month like I do!

  • Mrs. Adventure at

    Oh yay first day I found your blog and a yummy give-away and yes those candles sound good but ooooh how I love all things JAM :+)

    My favorite jam is when we just mix the berries, strawberry, blackberries and blueberrys. I always use cute red and white checkered fabric to wrap the tops of the jars (its really cute).

  • BeachCoveJewelry at

    Loganberry lemon jam! that would be good! I had loganberry lemonade at a Festival and it was so good!!!

  • The Weinbergs at

    What an awesome giveaway… type of jelly… hmmm… I always love Strawberry so how about a strawberry lemon… mmmm!

  • NoPo QuirkyMomma at

    I absolutely adore lavender and blackberry. I think it would be a wonderful combination in a jam, but you have to go very light on the lavender and sugar so your jam won’t taste like perfume!

  • lee at

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • lee at

    Could you please make lime marmalade!

  • Amanda at

    I am a big fan of plain old peach jam! Maybe liven it up with cinnamon or something?

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