i’m making these for breakfast tomorrow (they look sooo yummy, right?)….

Inspired By Charm


and i’m watching this tonight (don’t you just love amy adams!?)

check back tomorrow and i let you know how everything was ….

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  • KatiePerk at

    those pies look AMAZING!

  • mary at

    Hi, Michael!!!
    I agree, those pies look fantastic!
    Thank you for leaving a comment on my little fledgling blog. AND, I have to tell you this, I am from Central Pa, as well. Ever hear of New Berlin? We have a darling B&B here, too! Your’s looks wonderful, by the way. I can tell you really enjoy what you do.
    Thanks again, and have a great night!

  • mary at

    Oh, and YES I do enjoy Amy Adams, this new movie looks like a must see. Love love loved Julie/Julia!

  • Julie at

    Oh no! And I’m supposed to be dieting! To heck with that, those cinnamon pies look too good not to try. I should make some to bring to my knitting group tomorrow. Better someone helps me eat them. ;D

    Let us know if the movie is any good!

  • Alely L. at

    yes, oh no! i’m on a diet challenge too! arrggghh! those look so yummy! looking forward to how they turn out.

  • alison (semi-fab lane) at

    YUM!! i’m trying this recipe out for sure!

  • Diana Strinati Baur at

    Michael, I just found you, your blog, and your beautiful inn over at Holly Becker’s blog. An innkeeper after my own heart, you are! Just beautiful — your place and your attention to detail, and obviously your baking as well. I am an innkeeper in Italy now, but come from a PSU family and know just how beautiful the area is where you are located. I just had a mini-fantasy about coming and spending a fall weekend in your suite, bundled up and enjoying the intense nature.

    The first thing I thought of when I saw these cinnamon pockets was the Penn State Diner and the sticky buns 🙂 These look awesome, I might just give them a try myself this week.

    I hope you have a great season, lots of warm, wonderful guests and happy decorating/creating. Best wishes from the wine hills of Northern Italy.

  • Lulu and the Locket at

    Yum is all I have to say, such a cute blog by the way!

  • Krista at

    OMG you are killing me. Forget what i ever said before about apple turnovers or any other yummy sounding treat. I want these! 🙂

  • Sharon at

    one of my faves….had to buy it….

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