first things first, a HUGE (really huge) thank you for all the support, comments, and emails about my quilt project. i have never meet some of you (and sadly, probably never will) but your willingness to help, beautiful comments and inspired support is that of a best friend. so thank you!

also, a big welcome to all of my fellow innkeepers out there. i’ve been hearing a lot from you all lately and it is so wonderful! i’m glad you found my little blog. please make yourself at home (and there are some good breakfast recipes on here so be sure to check them out.)

secondly, for those of you that live nearby and are able to stop in the shoppe, i just posted a BOGO coupon on our facebook page to get your succulent garden started.

alright…. that takes care of that. on to CB2!

i love me a little modern. don’t you? i just got the new catalog from CB2 (a division from Crate and Barrell) and i thought i would share my top ten favorite things. even though i like many, many, many more. (oh, and you are more than welcome to keep any of these ideas in mind for my birthday which is less than a month away.)

here goes…

no. 1 peekaboo console

Inspired By Charm

i have always loved this table. especially when you need a desk or table, but don’t have the space or want it to take up lots of visual space.

Inspired By Charm

no. 2 wabelerbeler wall art

Inspired By Charm

i’m sort of on the fence about this one. what do you think? i do love it because its so unique and rare. not to mention colorful. but with a $300 price tag it won’t be making it in my house anytime soon.

no. 3 nesting dolls

Inspired By Charm
a modern take on a classic idea. love these little gals (at least i’d assume they’re ladies)

no. 4 abacus

Inspired By Charm

i ran across a vintage abacus one day on ebay and i didn’t bid on it. i kick myself every time i think about it. it was beautiful.

Inspired By Charm

but i do love these too.

no. 5 wall magazine rack

Inspired By Charm

no, this isn’t for my magazine obsession. at the bottom of the stairs here at my little inn is an old (not old in the good way) pine display rack for magazines, rack cards, guides, etc for guests staying that the inn. it’s a horrible ugly pine… the back is slightly bowing … and the slightly breeze will create a flood of pamphlets falling to the floor.

Inspired By Charm

once i paint my hall and hang my curtains, i will be buying at least four of these and the pine box of sorts will head to my dad fire pit.

no. 6 knitted pouf
Inspired By Charm
there is something about this ‘sea urchin looking thing’ that i just love. it’s a seat. it’s an ottoman. it’s art.

Inspired By Charm

 they used to have a green one which i really loved, but it was constantly sold out and now it’s gone. so sad.

no. 7 coop tower

thanks to my blog-friend kim (and all the magazines that have published articles about this topic recently) i’ve been really wanting to raise chickens! sadly i don’t think i can where i’m located in town and i don’t really have the space. and furthermore my mom recently told me that chickens are really dirty and they eat their own poo. yuck. but i digress. check out these coop towers.

Inspired By Charm

sadly, this is the only coop that i would be able to own in the near future. don’t you just love how some modern things can have a really vintage look?

no. 8 weeds wall art

Inspired By Charm

love the blue patina color on these guys! i would love one (or two) of these for the sunset room.

no. 9 arc floor lamp

Inspired By Charm

i can’t even tell you how much i want one of these arc floor lamps.

Inspired By Charm

again, they used to have this beautiful green one, which i really loved, but they must have switched to red … which i honestly don’t like as much, but i still love the design of this light.

no. 10 lotus candle holder

love, love this/these little guys. it’s basically three pieces – three candle holders … see…

Inspired By Charm

but when nested together creates a beautiful lotus flower.

Inspired By Charm

 soo many uses for these guys!

so there you have it. that’s my list! what did you like best?

oh, and one other thing i wanted to point out. i’m a big review reader. and most of the products on CB2 have a least a 4 or 5 star rating (out of five). which i think is just fab.

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  • natalie. at

    i am SO crazy for their catalog – i wonder if they have an outlet anywhere – i’d love to get that abacus for a quarter of the cost one day!

  • Krista at

    i’m such a sucker for your top 10 lists! i’m tied between the knitted pouf and the abacus for favorites.

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