wow. i just love these fish food measureing cups from anthropologie.

Inspired By Charm

and at almost half the original price (now only $14.95) you honestly can’t go wrong. right?

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  • live a colorful life at

    Those are amazing. I finally tracked down the matryoshka doll nesting measuring cups. So cute. Couldn’t resist!

    P.S. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! I hope you’ll stop by again.

  • Anne Potter at

    Michael – just wanted to get back to you about the peacock stamp I posted on my blog. You can go to and just search rubber stamp peacock! Thanks for checking out my blog…I enjoyed yours as well!
    -Anne Potter

  • Sharon at


  • Shannon at

    Hey Michael! First of all, I am jealous of your life. Second, thanks for the lovin on my nursery! About the red dresser, I bought it from craigslist and it was originally white. We stripped off 3 layers of paint and re-did it with Behr’s paint and primer in one, Cherry Tart. I’m kinda in love with it 🙂

    Thirdly, I’m already creepily stalking you and planning how I can get out to see your awesome place. I think my husband went to college out in your general vicinity, in Clarion?

  • Alexis at

    Man I love that anthropologie!
    and I love your blog, I am so excited to dive in more.
    thanks so much for your comment on mine…

  • Julie at

    Love, love, LOVE these!

  • alison (semi-fab lane) at

    gosh, i am so glad that you commented on my blog because now i can come and check out yours- i love it! i, too, am a fan of those measuring cups. i just bought the cutest measuring spoons from anthro for only $8 a couple of weeks ago.

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